I love morning's like this this use just chew I just can't get enough it's now 6:30 8:00 I want to show you one other few that is just I really saw Sun Rise so us missed sunrise which kind of sucks you guys I guess but and then the Sun rises over there good morning son get morning Sun okay so I finally made some more progress on my and I had someone help me out here Sir Thomas oh we met in New York a couple of months ago and Thomas is like pretty much the best I don't know er graphic designer logo design a website designer who I know and we just had a how long did we talk do we know almost three hours on that call oh shit but yeah we made this helped me so much and in terms of like how my website now look I'm gonna let show you guys after this but dude thank you so much hey appreciate that okay as I just said had a call with Thomas and that was one of the most productive times I've ever had I realized the power of facilitation because like I was you know I was I was building my website and I was trying to do everything like design it and come up with the copy and figure out this structure and like what needs to be included and whatnot and how do and so and I don't know shit about any of these things and so you basically like you're trying to navigate something well you don't even know like where have you where you have no experience navigating and so having someone who has done it and it was been there who knows what the fuck he's talking about just like facilitating that help me so help me clear up things so much and like he's a friend of mine he I like we just hopped on a call for two hours three hours talked about these things I gave him some I sent him PayPal him some money for compensation but it's it's like nowhere near what you would need to pay if you had some someone like professional I mean he is a professional he just happened to also be my friend and we also happen to that I helped him out with Instagram but that's the power of having fucking talented friends but let me show you how we did did progress so we had that already and then the next is kind of like this will be the section of establishing the problem have you tried building your personal brand only to realize it takes a lot of time and dedication and so you end up posting sporadically this will be a video of Gary Vee where he talks about like basically giving us credentials then good we're here to fix that step 1 step 2 step 3 of you see the copy and the picture still need to be updated but this is basically our solution then here grow your audience increase region influence and drive action boom then questions and FAQ is the next section where and it will be like a drop-down menu it's called the chorion style menu then what people say testimonials boom boom meet the team we're a team of practitioners basically live and breathe social medium personal branding boom the team and then call to action this will be a different image just wanted to kind of like I like this color scheme and then it sounds good to do boom call to action this is just random shit that's still there and that's then the footer I was like company see this thing so yeah I just made in two hours I'm in more progress on this than probably in the last week which is incredible well actually the last week it didn't really make any progress because there was New Year's and like Singapore and all that stuff and meeting the girl so but now I'm gonna get back to that but I'm still mind blown of how much progress we made it's incredible oh my god this feels so good okay I just thought of something and it's that maybe it doesn't make so much sense to constantly figure out how not this get distracted well so on the one hand you want to figure out how to optimize towards not getting distracted but on the other hand I feel like you will always to some extent get distracted that's just like the name of the game like you'll get better and you get more focus and you can put processes into place that these things won't happen as much but it will still happen and instead of just focusing of not judging yourself which is like it's it's the thing I'm struggling with but it's also like what does it even mean I feel like don't judge yourself it's it's being thrown around so much and it's like maybe instead of like focusing on not judging yourself or you know getting distraction it's more like being more intentional or then channeling those distractions into like some kind of inspiration like let's say you get distracted on like Instagram and you watch like random Instagram videos like try to use that to then like get new content ideas or if you like end up watching random videos on YouTube it's like okay cool what did I just learn in the last 30 minutes and it's like more muscle afterwards it's like in the moment obviously you you don't know because that's the definition of being distracted like you don't notice it but then when like after 30 minutes you're like oh shit I just spent 30 minutes watching random YouTube videos then at least taking this step of life okay now what did I learn by watching these YouTube videos what is something that I didn't plan to you know broaden my horizon on is obviously like you didn't plan the distraction but what can I take away from this I think that might help maybe I'll see I don't remember when I was this tired the last time it's 11 pm


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I think the past couple of days I haven't had have gotten optimal sleep and I mean that and and I had a pretty good workout like a pretty good oh my god yeah today was a good day though I was productive I had an amazing workout I actually feel like I'm getting better at like hitting the spot in the gym there is a certain point when you're working out where pain turns into pleasure so if I felt like for me the first that was to work out to a point where actually like we like where it's painful because in the beginning you're just like mm-hmm I'm showing up I'm going to the gym you know just here to you know check off the box and you just you know you just breaking a sweat you're just doing something so you can feel good about yourself of going to the gym then the next step is to actually you know work hard and push yourself and that means that if you're lifting the weights or like you know doing cardio that you're actually going to a point where mentally and physically it starts like hurting like not to the point where then turning into like chronic pain right like that's unhealthy but like that's what you're doing when you're working out right like you're destroying your muscles so then it grows back to become stronger so you first have to get through the void where it starts hurting and then once you push past that there's a point where there's this weird pleasure you're getting out of like enduring the pain and you just feel like you can keep going and my last three works are which is like incredible if I would have to find a name for it I would say orgasmic even though it sounds crazy but you you your mind or at least my mind just goes completely blank like there was not a worry in the world there was not a thing in the world that was on my mind except the one thing that I was doing at the moment and that's an incredible feeling yeah but yeah extremely tired just got of a just got off a client call and actually I'm kind of like coaching my sister into becoming my assistant which is super weird but but so I just had Jay who is doing kind of the reports right now teach my sister how to do the report so she can start doing them and then I'm gonna outsource some admin tasks to my big sister what least try like which is gonna experiment with it and now we got a post on my LinkedIn so thank you so much for watching peace out see you tomorrow a car to wake up when there's no alarm to wake you up seething breathing doing all the things I hate about wine coalition I just wanna make a trip to the child

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