Okay so personally I think so you spent 30, 37 dollars and get 900 dollars return Maybe I'll just seat like this it's better? OK Personally I think so you spent 30 37 dollars and got 900 dollars return so you know what is that a thousands of percent in return um I think you're good the short answer is yes, I would put more oney into the ad spend, but the long answer question is really understanding what's gonna be sustainable testing different things Is he selling product? Does he say what he's selling? No it doesn't say okay so if you're selling product or service or whatever it is, I think finding out, creating different testing, different campaign for assets and all these things on on facebook, especially since facebook is building out their platform and they're doing messenger as they doing facebook instant articles, video and stream, as all these different things tested for creative along with whether it's a product or service and all these different facets

So you can see if you can get a better return I don't know right now the one you're spending 37, getting 900 dollars in return uh that also take into account of you doing a Physical product that you wanna come for the cost that it takes ong> test Naturally people's eye tracking on facebook They go inong>toong> the the creative it's in the Center and then they go inong>toong> the headline That's right below and then they go into the text ong>toong> the ong>toong>p or in most case they go on: underline;”>to video creative or they go ong>toong> the text these core elements are what you wanna test on: underline;”>to gets and see you know if you can get an even higher returns on what you're spending on facebook okay so two things: first thing is a lot of the first thing I want on the market right now

There's a lot of influencer that are scams essentially they buy their influence that means they buy likes, the followers and all these things like channels, and so a lot of brands right now and companies like the ones I work with, brands I work with, and also internally for ourselves we're really hasn't since on using influencers uh the big and even this the smaller ones, because we don't know if they're following is legit right, we don't know how that translates into Spend or ROI in terms of getting it, when we spend the ong>moneyong> with you So there's a lot of platforms that we use as well That we measure the influence and really the engagement is really the true currency of influence in marketing and even engagement now with that being said, it's still can still can be kinda crafted and kind of kind of crafted and kinda just made fakelly it's fake essentially, the engagement you buy likes, buy comments on this post, that's the first thing is really you gotta understand that companies and brands or that's what they're thinking that's why they're skeptical about

Now the solution of that, the second way is, if you are instagram influencer so you should create a blog on wordpress or created on blogger or medium or something where you essentially build case studies of brands that you work with and you're able ong>toong> say hey ABC restaurant right did a campaign with you and they made X amount of dollars that draw that much people inong>toong> your specific uh Because they paid like 500 dollars with you ABC restaurant, they made uh thousands of dollars that weekend you turn these in the case studies and you'll be able ong>toong> actually validate and visually song>howong> that your influence or the people are following You in the profiles are legit and that gives businesses and brands confidence and able on: underline;”>to basically do business with you the social proof and when you have those case studies Ideally video case studies that's the third point let say You want video case studies where you actually capture a company, ABC restaurant, ABC cafe, whatever it is that just basically shows them talking about you and ong>howong> your influencer marketing just works really well now a lot of people are gonna do this So when you execute on these three things, they're able to really differentiate yourself from the other food bloggers out there or food influencers on Instagram, youtube or all these different things if you're really good on video or you're not I think I recommend ong>toong> you to also start a youtube channel talking about food or your lifestyle Essentially a Vlog and start building your following their from I think it's 50K follower to distribute them Across different channels that suit your personality and suit what you wanna do, especially if you're a visual persons, just build your following from there build the own brands

How I'm doing now um so those four things is what I would highly recommend that you do Tell me ong>howong> it goes One more! yeah with advertising with ads spend

What's the context is he just wanted ong>toong> know on: underline;”>to Measure he looks for okay So I think a lot of it is really a bare minimum You want basically have 2 double your ROI or at least break it depends you're selling a physical product that you want taken ong>toong> the cost of that plus your ads spend if you do a service than you obviously your margin should be a lot higher than a physical products

I talk a lot about the profit um not profit, but essentially the Progressive and local system which is one of my pillars and in that pillar I talk about knowing your key metrics and this goes in see you look at stuff not just the ad spent and the ROI that you get from it, but things like your cost per click, your Cost per lead your cost for purchase, your lifetime value Your average order value and there's multiple different a metrics that you wanna look for I call it the PAS matrix, which is the Progressive Analytical System matrix sure you find out more on my website and also on my webinar I'm essentially giving away for free nine hours something that for those who are watching my videos and haven't checked it out as you go there to on: underline;”>touch points you wanna look at the ong>toong>uch points and when people are what on: underline;”>touch points ong>toong> go through

Touch points is essentially if let's say they go on: underline;”>to facebook ad, they leave, they come back after seven days They watch another video of you, on youtube and then they going to your website and then they check you out They don't buy you re market on Instagram out to car page and then they buy all these different ong>toong>uch points you want be able ong>toong> check that now I don't wanna overwhelm you with them, but start diving deeper inon: underline;”>to that uh analytics is really one of your your basis, because when you know your numbers you're able ong>toong> make smarter decisions on your business and when you sell your product or service So those are some tips Someone who would do to really focus on calculating your cost for selling things

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