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Malpua Recipe – मालपुवा – Malpua Recipe in Marathi – Holi Special – Archana


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The festival of is just around the corner And we generally make Puran Poli's

But I have show you how to make Puran Poli So let's make a Holi today and that is To make we will need one big cup of sugar We will add it to the pan And we will take 1/2 cup of water

And you have to switch on the flame and allow the sugar and the water to melt together You don't have to caramelize it But let it melt completely and add 1/2 tablespoon of Cardamom Powder Bring this to a boil Now we will prepare the batter of Malpua

We are taking here 1/2 cup of Wheat flour And we will add to this 1/4 cup of Refined flour And 1/2 cup of Semolina We will mix this first Now we will add water little by little and make a nice batter out of it

We have to add a little more water Make sure there are no lumps, it should be of a smooth consistency So there is no hurry, slowly mix everything And everyone has their own different variations to Malpua Everyone has a different scale of ratio to this

The water and the sugar has now melted We don't have to further make it caramelized So now I will switch off the flame And I had already kept the Ghee (Clarified Butter) in this pan to melt And so I'm going to switch the flame on again

And for this you have fry them in Ghee only and it's nice and hot now And we have to make small Puri's of this batter You cannot call it Puri exactly And now we have to push the Ghee from the sides on top of it like so And they will not be stuck from beneath

See, this has now began to float around Then turn the flame to high And fry them on both the sides till they turn biscuit color And shallow fry it, so that you use less Ghee It has got it's color on both the sides nicely

Now we will take it out And make the rest of them also And we will add all of them together in the Sugar Syrup These are also shallow fried and ready Now we will take these out

Now we will move the Sugar Syup pan here And one by on we will add in the Malpua to thsi Sugar Syrup It has not caramelized Dip it into the Syrup nicely Just like so we will dip all of them into the Sugar Syrup

And again we will drizzle it with some more Sugar Syrup Little bit And we will sprinkle it with Chopped Almonds and Pistas Steaming hot Malpua is now ready But don't eat it too hot otherwise you might burn your tongue

Let it cool down a bit and enjoy it It tastes very nice and you have to try it out It might be a new dish for you but if you know to make it so please do it And do let me know how it turns out And for more such authentic recipes like, share and subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani

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