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MASTERY TEST: Do You Know How to Carry? | Skill Capped

Hey everyone Obtaining a lead as an ADC is one thing

Knowing how to use it to secure a win is another In this video, we'll be covering some of the things you want to do when you're ahead so you can snowball your advantage and tear through your opponents Let's get into it Mission 1 is simple Just keep farming

The entire point of getting ahead on any role is to be able to get more farm than your opponent When it comes to team fighting, if you're already ahead, staying alive is more important than getting extra damage This is because your autos are going to 1 shot everyone you touch So staying alive and making sure you can keep doing that is kind of important We're going to be asking a fair amount of questions in this video

We suggest pausing to think about them if you need to This may not seem immediately important, but if you're answering most things correctly, it means you can analyze your own replays very well Being able to more accurately know what you're doing right and wrong is a great way to expedite your learning On to the game We'll be reviewing Hector smurfing in Platinum Elo

The laning phase for this game went quite well for Ashe and Alistar They managed to pick up a ton of kills and ended the laning phase with 7 kills on Hector After taking the tower, he rotates mid to pick up some farm while his Syndra is dead and recalls for his Hurricane Alright, question time Where should Hector path after he bases? If you immediately thought bottom, your macro is on point

Malphite is going top, and Syndra is pathing mid Sharing farm is a no no, and Lucian is shoving in a wave in that he needs to catch Not only that but he can take the Krug camp on his way to bottom as well As he does Krugs, his team finds Jayce lurking in the jungle and they manage to get his flash Tragically though, his Kayn died trying to steal dragon

Alistar also screws up taking this cannon creep, and then Syndra dies in the jungle Lots of sad things are happening all around Hector And so with the circumstances, it's quiz time again The enemy team is sieging mid with their advantage Should Hector path through the jungle to defend, or recall and path through mid to defend? Wrong

We didn't say there wouldn't be trick questions You absolutely never go mid here There isn't a world where he gets to mid in time before the tower dies Why give away an advantage for free? Always remember to try to get an advantage elsewhere whenever the enemy team makes a play somewhere This is referred to as cross mapping

Despite his 2 dead teammates, with proper decision making, Hector managed to trade evenly on the map Now, he's going to pretend to recall and wait patiently in this bush to look for a pick It doesn't end up working, since Lucian backs off, but this type of play generally ends up being a win win By backing off Lucian is missing farm anyways Had he kept pushing, he would die and fall behind as well Either way, this is a solid pick to look for when you're ahead since both outcomes are positive

Let's watch what happens here then break it down Okay, not ideal to throw his lead like that This time a bit of a different question Was this a Macro or Micro mistake? This was most definitely a Micro mistake It may seem weird to overstay as an ADC like this, but it was perfectly safe to do since he's so far ahead

They should easily be able to kill everyone here, but a couple things went wrong Hector should've probably just been safe and flashed the hook, which would guarantee that he kills everyone here since he could free fire at that point But, he thought his Alistar would combo Jayce, not Blitzcrank Alistar had been playing pretty well so far, and he put a bit too much faith in him Oh well Hector still has a lead, so after re-spawning he heads top to farm, and then happens to find a random Blitzcrank in a bush

This kill is clearly going to set up an easy Rift Herald He shoves 1 more wave and joins his team in taking it Not much to say about the ensuing fight They already had a number's advantage and the enemy team was quite uncoordinated The key point is afterwards when the fight appears to be over

Since most of the enemy team is heading towards mid, Hector looks top to score an easy tower Unfortunately, his team randomly dies putting him in an awkward spot This all eventually leads to Hector having to sacrifice his Alistar to stay alive So, now that you know the outcome of Hector's decision to go top, what do you think he should've done after taking the Rift Herald? Maybe some of you noticed how that's a bait question, which lets us bring up a huge issue people have when it comes to analyzing games and learning Do not be a hindsight analyst

After killing Rift Herald, before fully committing to go top, Hector looks at the positioning of both teams There is absolutely NO WAY you could ever guess his team would die from this positioning Both sides have so much ground between them So, of course he's going to go top where he can take tower and continue to farm up Regardless of the outcome of his decision, it was the correct call

Yes, if he stayed with the rest of his teammates they don't die with his protection Then they all go mid and use herald to break mid tower Everyone shares local tower gold, so everyone walks away with just 100 gold That is not how you snowball low elo We just want to emphasize how important this is to remember when reviewing your own games Hindsight analysis is pointless and just delays how fast you improve After the unfortunate events of top lane, Hector looks to go bottom to pick up the spawning Krug camp

Randomly, Twitch happens to be there, so he just waits and kills him easily Then he finishes taking the wave, Krugs, 2 more waves after that, and Gromp He just earned himself a lot of gold very quickly Unfortunately, during his power farming his team loses 4v4 near Baron Just recently we told you to look for cross map opportunities in situations like this

Baron is one of the few exceptions to that rule If you can potentially stop it, we'd advise that you do so With no one to use as fodder to block Blitz's hook, Hector just trades his flash so he can go in safely Losing the Baron sucked, but trading kills for it is usually fine Once again, he splits from the core of his team

He lets Syndra and Malphite take care of mid, and he goes top This just earns more overall gold Singed, probably not used to ADCs that actually deal damage underestimates Hector's damage and dies giving a juicy shut down Then as we always recommend, Hector looks to take the enemy Krug camp as well for even more gold Like before, let's watch what happens here then break it down That's a big oof, Hector just gave a huge shutdown away

But was this really a mistake? Okay, yeah It was a massive mistake

Sometimes it really is obvious when you're running it down He has 4000 gold to spend, barely any vision in the enemy jungle, and the rest of his team was on the other side of the map He was being a complete moron You should obviously question every mistake, but don't overthink the times you're obviously feeding Finally after being caught most of the game, his team are the ones finding a pick

This leads to an easy Baron secure Which brings us to this Dragon fight Remember what we said at the start regarding team fights Prioritize keeping yourself alive At the start of the fight, Hector is positioned very far back The one way he dies is if Singed uses flash fling on him

As long as he waits that out, he should be good Singed uses his fling, then Hector uses Alistar as a body shield to block Blitz's hook Once those abilities are downhe just kills everyone, since he's free to auto Like we said, pretty simple Also, turns out that being really far ahead allows you to turn around assassination attempts easily Then just like last fight, Hector prioritizes safety

Going to the fight through here is very dangerous and leaves him exposed to a ton of threats So, he goes around, finds a better angle and freely auto attacks into an easy win Time for a quick recap It didn't matter how many things went wrong this game for Hector Be it from his own mistakes, or from his teammates randomly dying

He used his early lead well to consistently keep his CS numbers high, so he was always ahead of the curve in terms of itemization This way, whenever he had a chance to auto attack, his opponents would get completely obliterated That's going to be it for this video guys, thanks for watching

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