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MCA Training How To Promote With Facebook Ads

what's up YouTube land it's boy brice back with another one had a team right nation and onna song>howong> you on: underline;”>tor Club of America with Facebook paid ads maybe know anything about pain as this is pretty much you know kind of making break with your business this will take you from just a couple sales within a week of ourselves within a day all the way to ten twenty seven thirty day maybe even thirty sales within a week they tell ong>howong> you use it so just take a look at my screen walk with me let me son: underline;”>how you on: underline;”>to get it done share my screen with you so let's go if you have any fan page but you I'll sonna be the first thing you click on lanes telescope me step by step I'm going on: underline;”>to leave out one step but you know just you'll see there for business you know we go on and your ads manager back-office is pretty much gonna show you everything as far as your ads yes it's you campaigns overview pretty much everything what you're going ong>toong> do is you're going on: underline;”>to click on create I'll check into the next video next screen here this is going on and the one that we're gonna focus on the one that you're gonna get more bang for your buck is video views well people nowadays like to see things in the video they don't relate ong>toong> as far as the picture is concerned or ticks but a video so I'm going one the instigate example they see an example one what does going ong>toong> do is take you on: underline;”>to the next screen it pretty much is gonna have everything as far as your potential reach ong>howong> many estimates as far as dudes it reaches you'll be able on: underline;”>to get you know within your budget pretty much the age location as far as the location you know Moonna do the you know it's me when it comes ong> stretch it out for the net if you like I don't necessarily like to focus on starting age at 18 because they're just starting out some might have some money to start out some might not so I like ong>toong> bump in about you go 20 or 21 the only add their own spot the own apartment you know working whatever so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this to 35 as you go on as far as split chasing you'll be able to play with these these numbers but I'm gonna leave it on all as far as the gender is concerned well of course the language English damn what I'm going on the desktop but you want on: underline;”>to do want on why clicking on for Instagram is because from the things that I've done and just from other people as well when use Instagram this way you got on: underline;”>to spend your budget faster way faster and also what you want ong>toong> do is click off suggested videos Instagram videos it's the articles you just want to leave the feed there again when you go down what you want on: underline;”>to do specific mobile devices you want only connect it to Wi-Fi and the big reason for this is you know a lot of people are on the go you don't want you to be a being displayed on people who don't have a good strong signal your video is skipping your visual might be pausing so you want ong>toong> be only connected ong>toong> the budget I like on: underline;”>to set a daily budget now you're better this you can of course grow it higher but what I would like for you says yes you do easy to start out it five dollars a day for either ten dollars a day now keep in mind now ten dollars a day no for whole week at seventy bucks and I believe five is thirty five dollars a day but I want you to keep in mind that if you're able to ong>makeong> one or two sales you've already made your on: underline;”>money back you've already made a profit even with just one cell you've already made a profit so you know keep the business mind in this you know don't be afraid to you know spend a little on: underline;”>make it in no time you want ong>toong> keep all this the same oops my bad forgot one one very important thing targeting if you want on: underline;”>to know exactly what I place here why I place it here what you're going to have on: underline;”>to do click the link down in the description and sign up in my team you'll get exactly what I put here you'll know exactly why I do it so once again I want you to click the link down in the description once you join a rotation recognition team please let me know I'm gonna introduce you on: underline;”>to the team and send you my exclusive free training that I give you know I'll tell you exactly why I put what I put here and what will drive a lot of traffic ong>toong> your offer which is Moong>toong>r Club of America now what you want ong>toong> do let's click continue now you can either create a new ad will you use existing post what I would definitely suggest you do is use the existing post because when you create a new hand nobody's going to see this on your fanpage timeline or your feed so you want on: underline;”>how your head is going on: underline;”>to be displayed simple text you don't have to put this you can be creative with it think outside the box just a little bit of text because keep in mind your video is going to do all the talking your video is going ong>toong> do all the explaining and they're gonna follow this believe it or not they're gonna follow this and you're gonna have people contacting you wanting more information then as you go down you click confirm' or you can review it just that you know check yourself whatever have you you confirm wait for your ad on: underline;”>how your ad is doing I'm if you're able to get a sale within those three days that's perfectly good there's not a problem you notice that's good as well your way all you have on: underline;”>to do is just tweak it pay attention to the numbers when you'll be on your way to success like I see it this is where for me still working for me and it's working for others as well time if you gain a lot of that you from this video what I want you ong>toong> do is please like it subscribe please like comment and subscribe to my youtube channel sorry got a ton time please like subscribe comment this video share it as well as subscribe on: underline;”>to my youtube channel once again if you want on: underline;”>to do click the description down there in the botads to my Moon: underline;”>tor Club of America business let us help me get tons of sales and leads as well so ladies and term I would thank you for watching this video like I see if you like more please contact me subscribe ong>toong> my channel click the link down the description and let's get it started change your lifestyle ladies and gentlemen I'll see you guys later next video

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