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McDonald’s Recipe Changes The World Never Noticed

McDonald's menu items have undergone significant over years While company ditched artificial ingredients in late 2018, there have been other big in the works


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From those classic fries to your favorite burger, here's how different your favorites are now, from the ones you enjoyed back in the day McDonald's french fries may still be frequently voted as the best fast food fries out there, but what we taste today is actually a modification of the original "What are you saying?" Classic McDonald's fries were cooked in a combination of cottonseed oil and beef tallow, or fat, according to Eater But beef tallow is high in saturated fat, and after years of pressure from the public, McDonalds started cooking America's favorite fries in vegetable oil, in 1990, adding natural beef flavor, for that signature taste "The iconic McDonalds apple pie is getting a makeover" There may be nothing more American than apple pie

But when McDonald's unveiled a new recipe for it in 2018, the internet was less-than-pleased with its lower sugar, and sliced, rather than chopped, apples But it wasn't the first time McDonald's switched things up The OG apple pie in 1968 was deep fried Then in 1992, the chain switched to baked pies And considering there have since been more than 40 different versions of pie sold at McDonald's over the years, this probably isn't their last

"You like apple?" "I do like apple, but don't make me I don't wanna have to choose" Butter may be having a culinary moment these days, but for a long time, McDonald's used liquid margarine to cook their breakfasts But all that changed in 2015 when the chain announced that they would be ditching liquid margarine in favor of real butter So, why the switch? Jessica Foust, the head chef at McDonald's, told Business Insider, "[Margarine] just didn't taste as good" Apparently the move to real butter was a successful swap

McDonald's reported that sales of the McMuffin increased by double digits when they made the change "I love you" "I think you're the egg mcmuffin of boyfriends" For a long time, McDonald's burger patties were formed off-site and then shipped to their stores frozen, where they were cooked on the grill But today's consumer isn't about that frozen meat, and McDonald's competitors that use fresh beef, like Wendy's, Whataburger, and In-N-Out, started using that as a selling point "Is the beef currently frozen?" "Yeah, it's frozen" So the company made the McSwitch to fresh beef for their Quarter Pounder and Signature Crafted Recipe burgers in 2018

CNBC reported the change cost McDonald's an estimated $60 million, including updates to their supply chain and also to their kitchens In 2011, an ingredient dubbed pink slime made big headlines in the news when it was featured on the Jamie Oliver show, Food Revolution "Ok this is not fit for human consumption" "Pink slime" is made of beef scraps that have been ground up, defatted, and treated with ammonia to kill pathogens, then used as a filler with the ground beef, to make burger patties "Gross" After Oliver showed just how it was made, McDonald's fans were up in arms By 2012, the company announced that they would no longer use ammonium hydroxide to sanitize their beef, claiming via ABC News, "This decision was a result of our efforts to align our global standards for how we source beef around the

" But really, we can probably thank Oliver for bringing the sludge to light, and out of our Mickey D's "Nice" "Nice" "Nice" "Nice" "Nice" "Nice" "Nice" McDonald's vanilla ice cream, used in their hot fudge sundaes, McFlurries, and ice cream cones, got a major makeover in 2017 when they removed all artificial preservatives and colors from their frosty treats "Is that vanilla?" "Dude Can I have my Rolo McFlurry back?" The new recipe was rigorously tested to keep it tasting just like the classic, according to Darci Forrest, senior director of menu innovation at McDonald's And it looks like it was worth it

Forrest told CNBC in 2017, "Last summer alone, our customers enjoyed 68 million cones at McDonald's"

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