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Mini-Lesson: How to Make Your Bass Lines Dance

and before we do I'll just give you two things to think about so the first thing is adding accents to your bass lines and what I mean is sort of varying up the pattern almost in the way that like a like Caroline would do on the ride cymbal with the swing beat and I've heard a bass player refer this to I refer to this as giving it some more dance you're giving it some more life so if I was to do that on my own you might get so kind of giving in that rise and fall and I'm not accenting things too terribly hard but I want to be swinging on my own in this situation I want to be swinging independently of Caroline and Jamil so the more decoration I can do in that sense the more it gives me that independence that makes it feel good even if the two of them were totally dropping out so that's the first thing and the second thing is varying the lengths of some of the quarter notes within your baseline so this isn't to say we're switching styles and going back to the 30s and 40s but we're gonna change just some of the notes to give it some punctuation and that might sound like this so that's a little bit of decoration that adds emphasis to certain parts of the form usually if I get to a 5:1 like like C seven into F major something really sort of like a pillar of the harmony in the tune something like that at the really characteristic part it's good to add the emphasis there

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