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Molestowanie seksualne – jak reagować?

Sexual harassment is every behavior Sexual harassment is every behavior by abusing their sexuality, bodily integrity or gender It can be verbal, for instance: unwanted compliments or comments, or non-verbal, for example, violation of one’s safety and bodily integrity without consent, attempts to make physical contact or whistling at somebody at the corridor

Sexual harassment is touching someone without consent Sexual harassment is lifting one’s clothes without consent Sexual harassment is violation of one’s safety because of their gender or body, harassment is also coercing to sexual activities in return for some profit, like changing the exam date, correcting a grade or even sharing notes Statistically, women become victims the most often, whereas men are offenders most of the time, but it doesn’t mean that a man can’t be harassed or that a woman can’t be an offender It is never the victim’s fault, because when it comes to harassment – age, outfit or body – these don’t matter, Neither does eye color, scientific title, or position at the University

Offender is always guilty, not the victim That is why victims shouldn’t feel ashamed, And if there is such a need, one should look for help Sexual harassment is not only a criminal offence, but also it violates the University Statute At University there is no consent for violating safety of our students and employees We will always react

As a Consultant on Sexual Violence, I will examine every reported sexual harassment or violation of one’s safety I will help everyone to get the proper support and refer to relevant institutions In order to seek justice for the victim and punishment for the offender One can always refer to UW Ombudsman that, whenever required, will escalate the case There is also Antidiscrimination Committee that can examine a harrasment case at the highest possible organizational level Here at the University we care about safety, but taking care of safety is our mutual obligation

Even if you’re not direct victim of any act of violence, then still you ought to react whenever you witness one If you’re exposed to gossips about any form of violations, strange situations or something dangerous, let us know about it We will help as we are all equally important

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