Mother's Day | "Love & Dedication" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Funny Short Film

– Mom, I know one measly day of appreciation will never compare to your years of love and dedication But, even so, I figured it wouldn't hurt to say just some of the reasons I love you more each and every day

Mom, I love you for teaching me to turn the other cheek, even when Lily Rollands called me a– – Ginger freak! (cries) (screams) – Mom, I love you for always going the extra mile to make sure I'm safe, and doing it with a smile (car engine revs) (breaks squeal) – What the? – That could have been a child! (blood gushing) – Mom, I love you for teaching me to avoid everyday dangers That's why I make sure to never talk to strangers – [Phone] You have reached the location of the nearest pedophile (man screaming) – I deserve this! I so deserve this! (screams) – Mom, I love how you stayed strong, even after dad left us

We made ends meet, especially when times got rough (muffled screaming) – And that is how you remove your kidney! – Mom, I love you so much more than words can ever express So, this year, I got you something you'll never forget Not some cheesy gold pendent or stuffed heart bear Something I think shows I really do care

– Oooh! A dual-functioning chopping machete with a cerated, stainless steel blade! With bone-sawing capability! (laughs) Oh honey, you know me too well! (upbeat music) – [Male] When I put on this makeup, it's like a mask A mask so that I can show my face, my true face to a world that wouldn't normally accept me

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