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[music] [music] I would like to tell you something already The address world is not sunny and Rainbow is a very mean and bad Is the place and I do not care how hard you are It will beat you and keep it for your knees You are permanently there if you do it Me or anybody is as hard as the hit Life is, but it's not about how you hit it loud It's about how you can get hit hard and Keep moving ahead how much you can do Take the way that they are told to move forward Weird it is done It is temporary It may last for a minute And something else will take its place If I still leave it is eternal Margin for error is so small i mean One half a step too late or too early You do not quite make it half a second You do not catch very fast at very slow This inch we need is everywhere around us Every break in the game Every minute every second You got a dream You've got to save her What can some do to themselves What is happening You can not always fail unsure Do not hesitate to win Decision that you believe will be Something can be different What he says he can do and what he says Both are usually correct that can not be the most You say that you want to succeed, but You do not want it bad just in a way Do not want it badder than you want it If you want a party you do not want it in the form of The more you want to be the coolest of you You do not want to succeed as much as you Do not have a deep fear that i want to sleep We are inadequate our deep fear We are powerful beyond measure That light is not on our darkness Most afraid of us Ask yourself what you want to be What makes you find out for yourself You are happy, no matter how insane Sound for people Just like you decide to make that choice Gonna be what you're gonna be You just decide Have you asked the baby About how hard you hit it about it Hard you hit and keep moving How much time you can take get up [music] We can stay here to get rid of dirt We or we can fight back in our way Light can climb out of hell One inch at a time To be able to sacrifice at any moment What are you doing for what will become Most of you will not succeed because When you are studying and you are tired You leave me well man man you do not right You have never studied I am not good and Writing because you have never written before Naturally skills And hours and hours of beating on your Craft if you are not doing any And better life is ruining you Leave your pride on your time to let him go Do not cry for the exit [music] Get a reward Now if you know what you are worth doing Aquatic temperature work Come And they do And how do we show you [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [Applause] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music]

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