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New Orleans Muffuletta Recipe | How to Make it

– If you've ever been to New Orleans, I really hope that you had a chance to try the real muffulettas (cheerful music) If not, well, you've got a chance to make it right here

Now if you might be asking, "What in the world is a muffuletta?" (beep) Muffuletta, muffuletta, muffuletta, muffuletta (beep) – [AI] Muffuletta – Muffuletta – [AI] Muffuletta – That is how you pronounce muffuletta

(beep) It's Italian bread loaded with olive salad, salami, capicola or ham, mortadella, sliced mozzarella and provolone In other words, it's a piece of heaven in a sandwich So let's make it Now the most important part is the Italian bread, although some might argue that the olive salad is (chuckles) also essential for this recipe If you don't live near New Orleans, you can just find a round bread that you can easily slice

It's not as much breading as it is all the stuffing, so let's do it All right, so the first thing we're gonna do is slice our Italian bread in half (knife scratching) Okay, so we're gonna open our Italian bread in half, and what I like to do is take some of my olive salad olive oil and put it right over the bread Now if you're making your own olive salad and you don't have extra, you could just take regular olive oil and drizzle it Now olive salad is not just for muffulettas

You can also use it on salads, sandwiches, paninis, so many things I like to just put a scoop of this on top of my green salad, and I don't even need any dressing, just the olive oil So the order to the muffuletta is meat, cheese, and the olive salad So I'm gonna start with some deli ham, or you can use capicola as well, which is the Italian version of our American honey ham And I'm just gonna take my slices and put it all around the base of my bread

And then our salami I grew up in Spain, so I love salami sandwiches It's one of my favorites Actually, I could just eat some cheese, and eat cheese and salami, roll it up together, no bread necessary And then after that, we take our mortadella

I also grew up eating mortadella in Spain It's similar to American bologna but so much better, and it's got peppercorns inside, and olives And then we're gonna add our mozzarella and provolone cheese Some people like to toast their muffuletta Other people like to eat it just like this

And the final step is to layer our olive salad Now I live right outside of New Orleans, so I can get this at any grocery store, but if you can't find it where you live, on Amazon you'll get it, and I'll make sure to link that right below the video So you're gonna wanna drain off the excess olive oil, even though your top bread is gonna soak it up for sure If I just take my spoon, press it against the side, and put heaps of it Now the olive salad's got green and Kalamata olives, cauliflower, carrots, you can see that our olive oil is already dripping around, which is fine

And then just gonna spread it out, and the last step is to take our top of our Italian bread and close it like this And I like to kinda press down a little, so it absorbs some of that olive oil, and then you can cut right through it Now if you can't find the round Italian bread where you live, don't worry New Orleanians would kill me for telling you this, but just go pick up a loaf of Italian bread But you definitely want it to soak up that olive oil, mm! Now at this point is where you would take this and put it on a sheet pan and place it in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes, if you want to toast your Italian bread, melt the cheeses and just make this, well, epic

But I can't wait, you can't wait to see what's inside, so let's just slice right through it Now when you go out in New Orleans and you order a muffuletta, you can get a whole muffuletta, half, or a quarter, so let's give it another cut right here And this, my friend, is exactly what it should look like The muffuletta is everything I love about a traditional antipasto platter, but even better because it's in a handheld sandwich Oh, it's so good in every bite

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