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Nigerian Agidi Jollof | All Nigerian Recipes

Agidi Jollof is Nigerian Agidi that is mixed with tomato stew You can eat it as a snack or as a meal

First, we prepare the Agidi Stew Cook the soft bones with chunks of onion and stock cube When done, add salt to taste Add the tomato stew Click show more under this video to see how to prepare tomato stew

Add pepper and curry powder This curry powder does not have chilli in it Stir and leave to simmer then set it aside for later Now wash the uma leaves very well and set aside Put the corn flour or corn starch in a clean pot

You can also use Akamu, ogi or Pap Mix with the cold water till there are no lumps Then boil some water and slowly pour it into the mix Stir at the same time and once it starts to thicken, transfer it to your stove The heat must be very low

Stir for a bit and add the Agidi Stew Do not add the bones at this time Mix till the stew is well incorporated in the Agidi Once you're happy, add some drops of water and leave to simmer Stir very well and dish it onto the leaves

Don't forget the biscuit bones It won't be Agidi Jollof if it doesn't contain biscuit bone Okpukpu Agidi! Uh! Leave them on your kitchen counter to cool down and set Serve it warm with a chilled drink That's it! See you sooooon!

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