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Nischenseite erstellen ►► Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Anfänger Tipps

Stephanie and today I wanted mine address something really just what goes through entire youtube videos and that many people are somehow involved the whole topic of online marketing really just deal with interested in the whole topic pages create or sneeze blogs I do it all myself for several years and has faith I can gather good experiences I'll give you in the video today I would say let us directly get in with my best tips for you when you create such websites and go So first of all for all those not know what in these times or niches lures that is actually a website At the threshold to a special one either one makes minutes got a really big mistake At the heart lies my first block went to nba basketball video games that he did so a hobby thing where you also in the long term because I can build that too But many people can talk before especially if it's just about ok i am doing the website around her money instantly brings people to build then practical the web page to one topic on a very special topic for example lawnmowers give information to approach the rates but the to inform people practically when they are the lawn here decisions at amazon what to buy then get the region and that's just extreme anyway ecofin sometimes what many people do and context so as I said I have also such pages and has been doing since some years but now if the 40 more actively doing the pages too delete or really active asked because I'm doing meanwhile but other things are my eyes So it's a good way to do something to learn so if you are still we do not know the masses online marketing it works like Works networks create completely easily a good possibility around I have my first experiences in the to collect area and later with the money what you get then somewhere at some point something bigger to stand on the legs so That's why I am now basically because I like it the whole topic in itself I mean eyes just extremely overrun and that I would correspond personally or Of course I do not do that anymore far I'm actually in the opinion of you should not be in things focus all others do but you become really successful then when you do things, not everyone makes my tip for example too that we might not get to that right away Earn money makes it easy want to enjoy times also for the theme What you really do not only care because of the money because if it was not Immediately this works out here the quick motivation on the matter and if you really care what you're doing fun is probably really behind it then we will see that all can also work with it then maybe you can learn after that maybe even tackle the project where practically only with money So I'm not like that biggest stone to say about it starts immediately with that we only to the Money just think okay I am I'm learning for the first time now Just do something I enjoy because then the motivation is not so quickly solve it was like me My first block was what I thought then I have fun started to build websites that you has brought money and then I have stop scales to larger projects though as I said before maybe makes more times a glass of water makes fun and Do not think fast money right away to make money very fast Internet quite honestly that is scrap I do not mean that it is not works short term but it is no long term strategy i mean ultimately, if you are self-reliant or build something up somewhere then always think long term or not in the short term to the medium term Quick money is just not mine I would also be kind and not saved not recommend then my second important tip is I always think only on Amazon so the whole people the make these sites operate always only product category of amazon Advisor website at the same time topic and it was that everyone does it There are so many other interesting apps programs not with amazon from amazon, I'll say something in connection that I'll tell you an example here It is a program of buyer portal and there you get money request so pro song if someone practical fill out the questionnaire which has so interactive questionnaires for closing are for example stairlifts for the elderly or coffee machines for offices and at a glance One has by means of a request I can me here you get 20 30 euro per request for an email you have to does not even have to buy someone so one a little bit creative what this whole ties to each one are not always just Amazon there is as I said go so toothless and to the game fair finds largest affiliate portals or networks and check it out what is there is so many Opportunities moment no money earned does not always have to be amazon my third tip involves or respectively, the topic is on the left build up So I see that means many people say I linked correctly that construction here no no topic i followed that Google does not recognize being manipulated here these search results that's what he did in the end yes, I mean most people make search block m do it yourself any article directories So my experience shows me that works in the short term but you go swimming faster than we do it probably still looks like that not that much happens but believe me I have seen me very often if you always exaggerate only one rail to drive with the building so only ever build one kind from the left then it's good with good ones here in the long term the rating will be relatively fast lose and i dont know why because google recognizes that's okay manipulation and you do not have to to get your healthy backlink in yours profile means that they are not only from a source last machine just out has built up the left but that her half-year different kinds of on the left in various anchor texts and also many natural life built up I have and as it happens I have in the last years again and again which sources are found I mean put a free link where can you just get somewhere played or for example a profile left deposited or various social platform what we have with us can spend it actually succeeds my eyes completely good for such by English pages if you are the fast if you wanted to place on google other distracts her to build can you see it on my website here or here on mine on mine view webpage there you can I really download that the last seven years again and again expanded and expanded She always helped me a lot quick times a few backlink for to build such small projects with it which go up quickly in google now even more left as I said and so on up you stand and do me only the same link what mix in a bit that is quite well suited it was my basic tips to that to lead the whole mission and so on continue if you the citizen forum helped then like to go up more online marketing the channel subscribe to

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