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North African Chicken Stew Recipe (Slow Cooker)

Hey Cookaholics Chef Kendra here and today we're making a North African chicken I'm gonna make this in a slow cooker so let's do what we do and make it happen we're gonna start over here we have ground ginger we have ground cumin and we have ground cinnamon black pepper salt raisins dried apricots lemon juice tomato paste vegetable oil chicken broth you have some flour here onions garlic carrot and we have a chicken a whole chicken that's been cut up the breast has no bone but the rest of it has bones also the chicken is skinless we're going to take some dried apricots these things are sticky and we're just gonna come up to basically raise in size just gonna set these aside guys gonna move the onions over to this little plate move on to the carrots we have some fresh lemon here we're just going to juice that the first thing I'm going to do is take some oil into paper towel get the paper towel in the oil and get this rub down with a little greasy Greeks next thing I'm gonna do just toss down the carrots the onions and the garlic next we're gonna add the salt and pepper to the chicken and mix that in all the salt all the pepper on the chicken then we're gonna get our hands on the chicken and get the chicken seasoned nicely now I'm gonna give you chicken and it's so cool now we have our raisins and apricots and we kind of kind of mix those guys together sprinkle them on top of the chicken grab this and other fine recipes at chef Kendra that weebly

com that chef Kendra that weeblycom you know I got you we have our tomato paste our lemon juice and our ginger cumin and cinnamon then we have our broth and we're gonna get all this wisp into this chicken broth just like so use a ditch tomato face guys it adds a big difference to the outcome of dishes but what it is is a beautiful array of flavors and tastes well that's redundant flavor and taste with now that that's done we're gonna bring our big boy back over here and pour this mixture Oh well I'm gonna set this thing to high because I need it done a little sooner but if this was in the morning I would set it too low but i'ma set it too high put the top on and I'll let you guys see it when it's done I'm also gonna plug it in yo share my videos and recipes and if you haven't already subscribe that's all for this time I'll see you next time chef Kendra is out peace

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