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NYSC Member Returns Home After Service; Finds Wife Pregnant For His Best Friend

Husband Who Travelled For NYSC Returns Home To Find Wife Pregnant For His Best Friend

No younger man or outdated man would pray to be in-the sneakers of Elias Audu. The accursed destiny that has befallen him is dreadful and a vast blow to his ego. Last 12 months, one month prior to he reported on the NYSC camp in Osun State, Audu had married his younger spouse.

NYSC Member Returns Home After Service; Finds Wife Pregnant For His Best Friend

The graduate of Nasarawa State University Keffi, an indigene of Keana Local Government Area of the state, then patriotically proceeded to Osun State the location he’s presently serving his fatherland.

In the meantime, the spouse he wedded 10 months in the past, Tessy, continues to reside of their house in Lafia. The native of Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, a Second Year diploma scholar at Nasarawa State Polytechnic, had launched into and accomplished a three-month industrial attachment.

Daily Sun stories that the couple agreed to placed on retain being pregnant until he completes his nationwide service and return to Nasarawa to discover a excellent job. Then they will flip their consideration to the important matter of giving his aged and anxious mom a grandchild.

Now, three months to the top of his nationwide service, Audu’s world got crashing down. He returned home end week to search out his spouse pregnant. Guess who impregnated his spouse: His choice comrade.

The disaster prior to marriage 
Audu, nonetheless dazed by shock, recounts the sequence of events resulting in the scandal in an unique chat with our correspondent. His narration: “I acquired married 10 months in the past to my spouse following we resolved our variations because of my discovery that she was going out with another person. Initially, I didn’t intend to enter a solemn relationship following that discovery I malicious, I used to be a lot in love together with her just for her to have jilted me. I vowed by no means to have any solemn relationship with any girl till following my service 12 months. But we acquired over the episode.

She satisfied me and proved to be a distinct girl. She beloved me genuinely, and regardless of my resolve, I discovered myself falling in love together with her once more. It started progressively and with time, I couldn’t do with out her. She made me overlook the former. In no time, all I may consider was to be together with her for the remainder of my life.”

The strain to marry 
“The pressure to get married from my old mum was overwhelming. My father had put pressure on me to get married and bear him grandchildren before his death. Unfortunately, he died six years ago without seeing my children. Being the only son in the family, my mother understandably also put me under pressure, that her time is almost up in this world and she would want to see me bear children before her final exit. That was the pressure that pushed me into getting married before my NYSC. When I took her to meet my mother, she fell in love with her on the spot and told me she was the very woman who would give her grandchildren. We got married soon after and look forward to a happy family with our kids. But we both agree that she will not “take in” till following my service 12 months, little did I do know that the satan would use my choice comrade to wreck my home.”

The man who acquired her pregnant 
“I develop up along with Mike Agu in Keana. We are childhood buddies. We attended the alike main school and besides the alike secondary school, Government Science School Lafia. He was lucky to have gotten admission into the college prior to me. Nonetheless, we had been very fasten buddies. When I joined him on the college the next 12 months, we had been like brothers. Our relationship grew past usual friendship.

“When my identify got out for the 2018 Batch B NYSC, I proceeded to Osun State instantly. My spouse couldn’t go to me in Osun as a result of three of us who’re corpers lived in a single room. There was no want for her to return round since lodging will probably be an issue her coming round means I’ve to hire my very own house which is past my means. Since I didn’t have the means, I made a decision she shouldn’t go to. I used to be not pleased to go away my modern spouse all solo for one 12 months, however she was equally in school and we wanted to master ourselves; extra so, with my fasten buddies and relations in Lafia, I felt she was in secure palms.“While in Osun, I stored in contact together with her as a lot as I may. My buddies I spoke and chatted with besides advised me she was doing outstanding.

I had advised Mike Agu, who was the closest to me, to forever verify my rented house in Lafia to see that my spouse was doing properly. Mike had completed his service 12 months and was teaching in a non-public school in Lafia. How may I’ve recognized that I used to be placing my spouse in hurt’s method?”

The stunning discovery 
“Throughout this 12 months, I’ve not visited home as a result of tight schedule of my duties at my place of main project. My end go to was in November 2018. I had acquired some burst and determined to go to home once more. I arrived home with a lot pleasure. The beginning warning signal was after I acquired to the park and my spouse was not round to welcome me as traditional.

“It was her next-door neighbour that came to welcome me at the park. Even Mike, my friend, whom I have been communicating with since I left Osun State, was nowhere at the park. When I asked why my wife was not at the park, her neighbour told me she was not feeling too well and they advised her to stay at home. I did not buy that explanation but I kept quiet and could not wait to get home. When I got home, I met the shock of my life. There stood my wife with a protruding stomach. I was transfixed, trying to recall if there was any time she told me she was pregnant, but I could not remember any. Her neighbour was in an unusual hurry to leave. After her departure, I asked my wife what was going on. She broke down and confessed that Mike seduced her, they had sex and the pregnancy resulted. As for Mike, I have not called him since I came back home. I leave him to his conscience.”

My dilemma 
“When I visited my mother in the village, she was so happy that her son’s new wife is pregnant. The news has reached her! My mother believes that I am responsible for the pregnancy. She is not aware of the arrangement we had to wait until after my NYSC programme. I am still in shock and confused about what to do at the moment. But one thing I know is that she can’t be my wife again and forever. I want her to take the decision herself instead of waiting for me to push her out. I am not even going to tell my mother. From here, I am going back to Osun State and I will not come back to Nasarawa State until after my passing out. I intend to settle down in Abuja or Lagos to look for something doing. Between me and her, it is over. I will move on with my life.”

Tessy’s story 
When Daily Sun contacted Tessy following her lectures on the Polytechnic, she burst into tears wailing that what should be a household secret (and hopefully settled internally) has been uncovered to the media by her husband. “I had never cheated on my husband since I got married to him, I never even contemplated it, but the temptation of s*x pushed me into it. I consider it the devil’s work. I am a victim,”she cries.

Tessy makes a clear breast of it: “The reality is that prior to I acquired married to him, I had 4 abortions from undesirable pregnancies, and I virtually misplaced my life in-the end abortion. The physician warned me to not do abortion once more, that it would possibly hurt my womb. I can’t clarify truly how Mike, his closest comrade, discover his method into me. He truly lured me to his home following an outing. And really, he was excellent in mattress, which attracted me to make it commonly.

“Mike was so excellent in mattress he quickly wiped the recollections of my husband’s contact from my thoughts. I misplaced management of myself. We had intercourse daily following he closed from work. I forever joined him following I closed from my place of business the location I used to be doing my IT. We had s*x every day, together with weekends for 2 months; I quickly forgot that I used to be truly a married girl. As the second month, I started to note modifications in my physique. I later came upon from a check that I used to be greater than a month pregnant. I advised my neighbour that I had been doing it with Mike all these whereas. She requested me the way in which ahead, and the reply until date is hard as a result of I didn’t wish to lose both my life or womb because of one other spherical of abortion; this little one may be my end alternative.

“For a number of weeks, I slept and thought over it; I used to be in commotion, I by no means knew what to do, as a result of how will my husband react to this when he acquired to know following we each agreed to retain ourselves till he completes his service? On the opposite hand, I prayed to God that when he ultimately is aware of, he ought to permit me to protect the being pregnant as a result of it may be my end alternative to have a toddler. At the second I’m not ready to abort it. So, I’m ready patiently for his determination.

So what about Mike Agu, who impregnated a married girl? 
“He has left Lafia to an unknown place since he discovered that my husband is back,” Tessy says. “And since the sad development, his two lines have not been going through. I can’t reach him.” Currently, she is distressed, at a crossroads. Says she: “ I don’t know what to do, I am waiting for his (Audu’s) final decision on me. But I have told my parents to seek a loan to pay my husband back his pride price. I know I have disappointed him, but I am pleading with him to forgive me.”

Mike Agu, the villain 
An effort was made to achieve Mike Agu, the person who acquired his comrade’s spouse pregnant, for his personal facet of the story. Eventually, Daily Sun acquired to him by means of the Vice Principal of the school the location he’s a trainer. Without mincing phrases, Agu blames Tessy for the misadventure.

Here is his response: 
“The girl demanded s*x from me after I took her out; she actually begged for it and temptation overtook me. When she made it a regular thing without contraceptive, I raised the issue of pregnancy but she said she knows when to get pregnant and that she doesn’t enjoy s*x with a condom.”

He is nonetheless ashamed of his conduct. “I feel so ashamed and disappointed with myself,” he laments. “This matter will linger long in our village and it will affect the cordial relationship between myself and Elias, including our parents. It is too bad that the devil has used me. I don’t know how to apologize to him. I have betrayed his trust and confidence in me. May God forgive me of my sins.”

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