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'OMKalen': Kalen Learns How to Cartwheel with Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Squad

Happy "Satur-Kay," everybody! Today I am here with La'Darius, Morgan, Jerry, Gabi, Lexi, and coach Monica from Navarro Cheer from the hot docuseries on Netflix, Cheer Yes! [ALL CHEERING] How y'all feeling? Y'all feeling good? [ALL AGREEING] Wonderful! OK, now today they are going to teach me some cheer moves, OK? I had to bring Coach Monica because she gotta make sure I'm on cue, that I'm doing it all right

You gonna hold me up to that standard? I got you Boom bam diggity, that's what I'm talking about Yeah [ALL LAUGHING] Let's go full-out, baby [ALL LAUGHING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] All right, Jerry, so you first

OK, so what you gonna teach me? I'm gonna teach you how to mat talk OK, OK Mat talk is simply just encouraging your teammate on the floor letting them know that they can do anything, and that you're there with them, and they're never alone OK? Amen I love that support

OK, so first I wanna have you just yell a few things OK OK, so repeat after me Yes! Yes! You got it! You got it! Push! What was that? Push Oh

Push! Get up! Yeah, what was that? Get up Get up! [LAUGHING] Was that right? Yeah, that was amazing! OK, a lot of breath support How was that? That was excellent That was good? OK, OK, OK OK

All it is is just whatever comes to mind You wanna keep it short and concise and make sure they can hear you Do you keep losing your voice sometimes when you do it? Absolutely but you gotta pu– I gotta– that's why when I breathe I drink some water, and I let it out OK? It's all about that breath support, baby It's all about that breath support

So now I'm gonna have La'Darius come up– OK –and he's gonna demonstrate a back walk-over for me OK And then I'm gonna mat talk him through that And then I want you to watch it– OK –and then you gonna jump in next

OK Come on, La'Darius, you got it! Push! Up! Yes! [ALL LAUGHING, CLAPPING] OK, OK Now you're gonna go Now it's my turn? When he goes– OK –then you just go get him

Are you ready? OK I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready Hit it again, La'Darius Go La'Darius! Yes! Push! Push! [ALL LAUGHING, CLAPPING] Yes! Yes! That was right, that was right, that was right, that was right! What'd you think, Monica? A little scary but I think it was on the right track Yes

OK, OK, so did I ace that? You did that You did that Mm-hm Boom One down

[LAUGHING] OK, La'Darius and Lexi, what y'all gonna teach me? Well, we're gonna teach you how to tumble because we are the boss tumblers so you should learn from the best of the best As in like, my feet gonna go in the air? Yes, they're gonna go on the air You're gonna– but you're gonna land on your feet so you're gonna be good But you're gonna land on your feet, you'll be fine You'll be fine

OK, I trust you Y'all the professionals OK We're gonna learn a cartwheel right now because you know, it's baby steps And then you're gonna get your arms up right here, and then you gonna– Point the toes

–here and clean And that's all I want you to do Mm [ALL LAUGHING] You think you can handle that? Let's show it from Lexi's point of view OK, watch how that foot is in front

Look how those arms are up Watch that lean, look at those feet Up, period OK I believe in you

Come on We gonna do some of that mat talk, baby You got it! You got it! You got this, come on Yeah, give it a little bend, a little bend, a little bit– yes, with them arms up Yes! Yes

OK, and then what? Lower down– You gonna open that body like this, yes Yes And feet are gonna be up in the air You're going to push off with your back foot– Need a spot? You want a spot? Because you know I can I think you should spot him

I think you should spot him I got you, OK You gonna spot? OK Yeah, kick those feet up Point the toes, honey! [RECORD SCRATCHING] You gotta go faster than that

You gotta get up off the ground Come on, come one, come on OK Faster Push off you back leg

You got it! Come on! [ALL CHEERING] There we go! OK! Good start, good start OK, let's do it one more time, one more time, because we only practice for perfection Let's go, do it again OK Come on

Kalen! Let's go, Kalen! There you go All bundled [ALL ENCOURAGING] All of it baby, All of it Come on now! Come on, come on You got this! Let's go

Straight legs, straight legs Push, you got this Straight legs Push, push, push! Yeah, yeah, go! [ALL CHEERING] OK! OK! It was something! It was something! It's alright It was something

How was that, ma? It was like a round-off That was good, that was good We're skipping steps, thought, But you know what? [INTERPOSING VOICES] We got to the ground, though It wasn't like– I didn't fall on my face Right, and you were on your feet

I've never been able to do that OK, Gabi and Morgan! We got Gabi and Morgan– OK, so what y'all teaching me? OK, so we're gonna give you some little flexibility tips And so first thing you need to do, you're gonna get on the ground Oh, we gonna stretch? Yup Oh, OK

We're gonna put your leg like this and just slowly like, slide your legs like this Like– You slide on down OK Yes Yes! And then just keep going

And then just keep going And just slide into it Point your toe And then– Yes [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yes! Point your toes

And then point your front toe Perfect Good! Baby, it ain't going nowhere else [ALL LAUGHING] It don't go no further than this You gonna help me up? Oh yeah

We'll help you get back up OK OK! That's what we do, we pick our teammates up! That was good What's next? Now, the next thing we're gonna teach you is a cheer Oh, OK! We're gonna say, N-C, N-C dogs

[CLAPPING] Oh Oh, so that comes after it? So just copy what we do Yeah So N-C, N-C dogs Clap

OK OK? Mm-hm And then you're gonna go N C N-C dogs, and squat And then you're just gonna clean Let's do it normal speed, see if you can keep up

Normal speed? Yeah OK N-C, N-C dogs! [CLAPPING] N-C, N-C dogs! [CLAPPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] N-C, N-C dogs! [CLAPPING] [ALL LAUGHING] Hey, hey, hey! I didn't know what else to do! I got lost! I got lost! Let's do half beats Let's do half beats Yeah, y'all are going super fast

Slow that down [INTERPOSING VOICES] You got it, you got it I think I can do it You got it Yes

You got it You got it, I believe in you Yes, yes So you gotta put your hand on your hip twice Boom

You're kinda doing this Like, it's a clap Oh, OK There you go OK

N C, N-C dogs [CLAPPING] OK, I'm gonna listen to Monica, I'm not– OK N C– Hip! Hip! N-C dogs! There you go [CLAPPING] Yes! Hip! N C– Hip! N-C dogs! Yes! Yes! [CLAPPING] N C, N-C dogs! [CLAPPING] Go! OK, we got it enough times [ALL CHEERING] Thank you, thank you

Thank you for that, that was– boom OK, Monica [FOREBODING MUSIC PLAYING] It's time for the final verdict Yes Did I make it on mat? Lucky for you, I take potential

So I think you have a spot She said I got potential! [ALL CHEERING] Congratulations! [ALL CELEBRATING] Thank you! Thank you! So now since I'm part of the team, can somebody tell me what F-I-O-F-M-U means? I got you OK It's a secret [WHISPERING] Oh! So it means– [BLEEP] Look, now I'm part of the team! [ALL CHEERING] I made it! I made it! I made it! Come on! Now a question that I think the whole world wants to know

Will there be a Cheer Season 2? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] We're just happy to be here [ALL LAUGHING] OK! OK! OK! Monica! I'll take that, OK? Well, thank you all so much for joining me It has been an absolute pleasure Let's give it up for Navarro Cheer, everyone [ALL CHEERING] And make sure, if you have not, please go on Netflix and watch Cheer

It is absolutely phenomenal Until next time, happy "Satur-Kay," y'all [ALL CHEERING, CLAPPING] N C, N-C dogs [CLAPPING] N C, N-C dogs [CLAPPING] N C, N-C dogs

[CLAPPING] N C, N-C dogs! [CLAPPING] Yeah! N C, N-C dogs!

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