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Online Arbitrage Tutorial Using Slickdeals [70% ROI on my Money]

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what's going on guys welcome to the video so today we're gonna go over more online arbitrage and I'm gonna show you an example of a product that I'm about to buy the profit margin that I can expect the return on my money how much it's gonna cost me where I found it and how you can replicate the process so first and foremost how did I come about this product and basically the answer to that is I was filming a lecture to add on to my online arbitrage pro version 2 of my course that should be out within a week or two I'm adding the original version of the course so version 1 was basically just coupon arbitrage with a little bit of the book deal arbitrage now this new one has about I think it's like 11 or 12 different forms of arbitrage and business models that you can make money with online reselling it's not just coupon arbitrage so for the people in the course already obviously that will update and you'll get an email that notifies you it should be live within a week or two for the people that are not in the course a link down in the description if you want to go ahead and grab it it will teach you how to make you know consistent cash flow and thousands of dollars every month it's literally everything I'm doing like I'm gonna demonstrate here for you that will allow you to make money and flip products online for profits so how did I basically find this while I was fine I was filming a lecture for my online arbitrage Pro course as you'll see here literally filming lectures and I stumbled upon a couple of great products now there was also a couple of other great deals here that I scanned and gave examples on in that actual lecture that I just filmed and I stumbled across this one as an example so I went ahead and I checked it out as soon as I was done recording to see if it was something I'd want to buy and wouldn't you go figure it's a great product to buy now it's not the best product I've ever seen it's not the worst product I've ever seen but it's a great margin let me outline the numbers and let me explain to you how I'd go about flipping it and then what I would do in the process so you'll see here it retails on their website so on a mountain hardwear com it retails for 90 bucks roughly usually right now it's on sale for about 28 27 80 here so if we go ahead here and we go to the 27 it looks like it's actually 31 98 so that might that might be a 27 80 deal once you add it to the cart we'll find out and you know maybe 10 minutes when I'm done recording this lecture but let's just assume it's 31 98 to 32 dollars roughly right so what I did is I went ahead and I search for this on Amazon I took Mountain Hardwear women's finder rain jacket and I found the exact product listing on Amazon where I'd resell this here it is right here Mountain Hardwear women's finder jacket Smith rock medium women's finder rain jacket Mountain Hardwear Smith rock smith rock medium right so it retails on Amazon for about seventy twenty six not ninety but seventy twenty six still pretty solid right I can send it into FBA and make a great markup on their money let's check all the numbers and see if that's actually possible so for the people here in little tangent the people here that say oh both deal arbitrage is dead or it's not worth scanning the deal sites completely disagree I think you can still find great deals yeah you have to sort a little bit but because for the people that are used to sorting on like on like coupon sites and finding deals like that yeah you find deals superfast on coupon sites but at the same time you have to continuously buy those same coupon deals right so you can buy ten a day but if your margins only ten bucks that's only a hundred bucks whereas a coupon or a bulk deal site yeah your skin in the bulk deal site for maybe twenty minutes maybe 15 minutes but all you need to do is find one deal and then you can buy X of a product and multiply your money faster so they're both great business models but it just depends on you know why don't you use both of them why would you only limit your potential profit to one so let's run through some of the numbers here like I said thirty one ninety eight roughly here to buy this jacket and medium so if we're on the numbers we look at the parent listings basically saying that it's selling about two a day roughly and about sixty monthly sales so if I wanted to buy this and hold onto it I could definitely make good markup on money I might want to buy five of these ten of these maybe twenty depending on how fast I potentially would want to hold onto them and sell them now keep in mind I also have a very rank Poshmark closet I have about approaching 150 reviews on Macari so my Mac re store also very very ranked and I can't resell on ebay or I would totally check the eBay marketplace for this and we'll check the eBay marketplace for this for you guys just as an example after we're done with you at my Amazon so what I would probably do is I'd probably list like two or three of these I'd probably buy like 20 of them and I plan to do so as soon as I'm done recording this maybe 20 of them I probably list like three or four on Poshmark and enter Macari and I'd ship the rest into Amazon but let's just run the numbers for Amazon to keep it simple for you guys to show you exactly what I would do with this so we're gonna take this si n right we're gonna make sure that we can sell it now I can't necessarily sell this yet but I could request the Peru one for the people that don't understand what a CREP request approval is basically all it means is you need to prove a valid sourcing chain for whatever you're you're if it's not brand restricted for whatever it is that you're buying so I buy this from their website I'd send in the invoice to Amazon to request approval and I would get accepted so that's how that process potentially works right or you could always sell a different one in new and used conditions there I checked some of the other ones you can sell them and collectible news and literally list them as used like new for you know five bucks less and put it in a condition note sell them that way if you really want to as well or even somewhere posh mark but I plan to request approval for this one specifically so that's not that one it's there it is so let's just figure out all the numbers right so we want to use the FBA calculator with a bulk field site to figure out what our potential profit margin is it retails for seventy twenty six we're buying it for thirty-one ninety eight so I put all the numbers in here roughly so the item price on Amazon if I sell it and I don't sell it for seventy bucks but I sell it for a little bit under to potentially get the buy box quicker or I can match the buy box but that's a completely you know it's something else unrelated that I don't want to get into in this specific lecture so let's say I hypothetically sell the majority of them for sixty eight ninety-nine on Amazon it cost me about five bucks to ship them into Amazon FBA because I'm shipping all one box shouldn't cost me that much and then that's assuming that's all on the same product right so I actually messed that up let's assume that if I cost me you know I'm gonna buy 20 of them let's say it cost me about 20 cents to ship a big box of them in per product right because 20 in a box might end up being you know five bucks or whatever that is I don't even know if I did the math right there but we'll just run with it so let's say 20 cents here right then the cost of my product is 31 ninety-eight because I'm paying for 31 98 to get it on there on this website so let's run the numbers and see what my profit margin is so my potential profit margin is 22 is 63 per item here and remember I'm buying about 20 of these so let's use the calculator and run the numbers of exactly what my margins would be what I'd spend what I'd make exactly my return on investment in what potential time keep in mind too that it might sell this if i buy 20 of these and I sell you know I feel like they'd sell four or five on Poshmark and you know maybe fifteen easily on Amazon within a month so if it's selling about sixty a month I feel like I could sell 15 of these roughly a month maybe I might hold on to them for a month and a half or so but eventually they'll sell on Amazon for a good margin it's a good product it's brand-new and it's got a lot of it's got three customer reviews and clearly it's a you know a brand name product so let's see what I'd sent so 31 98 right $3198 let's say I'm gonna buy it 20 of them so I'm spending about 640 bucks to buy them right so 640 my profit margin is is 2263 roughly assuming I sell them all at 68 99 roughly right times 20 so I spent 642 get them I'm gonna make 542 profit margin so that means what's 400 or 450 – profit margin roughly so let's divide that by 640 and that means I'm getting a 70 percent return on my money a 70 percent return on my money within a month and a half you're not gonna find that return anywhere else and you're certainly not gonna find that return on your investment anywhere else in that short of a time period so to recap for the part of people that don't understand with the 70 percentage right I spent about 640 I made what about whatever it was 5:30 something back so that means that I spent 640 to potentially make let's call 540 I'll remember what the exact number was plus 640 I spent 640 to make 11 about 1200 and sales right and that's what that's where we're getting the 540 or 530 or whatever it was profit margin so this is still a very lucrative business model I'm gonna buy this as soon as I'm done and hop off this lecture this was a spur-of-the-moment YouTube video because I wanted to outline the possibilities here I've been preaching you know a lot of both deal arbitrage rate recently I've been preaching a lot of rebate arbitrage recently I've been preaching a lot of liquidation arbitrage recently don't sleep on the bulk deal sites guys I promise you source a little bit when you're bored you have an extra hour instead of hopping on the sticks and playing some some you know video game or hopping in front of the TV source on a boat deal site like slick deals not net find a deal all it takes is one and then you can make an extra five hundred and extra gram potentially in a week or a week or two so I hope that this really helped I also want to you know kind of outline this see if this is a good one that we can sell on eBay just for the people that might be you know prefer to sell on eBay out there keep in mind too that I'm suspended from eBay because they know that I'm a drug that I use the dropship I don't drop ship anymore you guys want to figure out why I was suspended from eBay in an outline video and more about that I'll drop that down in the description as well and I'll also link a card to that video up in the right-hand corner so we're gonna go to eBay and we're gonna find a to see if thing we could potentially sell this back on eBay as well and what the market would be for that so let's search for this on eBay now we don't want the fifty two dollars in there we probably wants Mountain Hardwear men's let's just go mount Hardware a pea-jacket women's finder rain jacket and it looks like there's a bunch of listings here in the black there's the red one that we were looking at here's another brand new black one and what we're gonna do is you want to sort through sold items and completed items to see what they've sold for and what the market is buying them for so on June first one is a red one right here roughly it is Mountain Hardwear it's black and yellow sold for about 65 bucks now we're getting a lot lower once so twenty five or twenty one twenty three eighteen nineteen thirty five thirty six here fifty two that's pre-owned so that's not new pre-owned pre-owned brand new so brand new sold thirty-six bucks pre-owned pre-owned pre-owned so there it's kind of all up it all over the place usually on eBay you'll see kind of a trend majority of them sell for 30 or 20 or drop majority of them sell for sixty depending on the item obviously and you'll see a trend in kind of a you know profit area this is kind of all over the place you got one for five bucks here one all the way up sixty five or whatever it was so this is a item I might list on eBay I might keep like five of those twenty list them on eBay if I could then I mark re and Poshmark as well sell those five on one on one of those three places or all three places in like two to one or something like that sell the other fifteen back on Amazon for 70 bucks or 68 99 so that's what I plan on doing I just wanted to break down this business model for you because I think a lot of people are sleeping on the bulk deal arbitrage and you probably should look into it if you want to start making money by flipping products back online

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