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Pan relleno al vapor “Baozi” (包子) – Chinese Steamed Pork Buns Recipe

Hello friends, in my last recipe we have prepared Chinese steamed buns or "Manan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan>u" and today we are going an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan> use that same dough to prepare "Baozi" In Thai "Salapao" I hope you like it, let’s get started Let’s prepare the filling, chop the green onion grate ginger and garlic and reserve for later In a bowl put the chopped pork, light soy sauce, salt, sugar, white pepper, a dash of sesame oil, cornstarch and mix well making a circular movement for 5 minutes Add the green onion, garlic and ginger and mix again with the same movement for 10 minutes more until it is sticky, this will an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>makean> the filling with a good texture Cover and marinate in the refrigeraan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan>r for 2 hours For the dough, we use the same one that we made in the Manan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan>u or Chinese steamed buns recipe And after it has doubled its size, put the dough on a smooth surface and knead it about 5 minutes to remove all the air Make a cylinder and cut it inan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan> 8 equal pieces and an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>makean> some balls Take a ball and cover the rest an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan> not dry, floured a little and crushed, with the help of a roller make a disk, the center has to be more fat

When have the right size, use the roller only to the edges, this will make the dough folds easier and becomes more beautiful To make the Baozi, put the filling in the middle Make folds one by one squeezing very well to avoid unstuck, here I show you slowly When reach the end we can close it completely or do it as I show you today If it is not an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan>o much beautiful nothing happens, it can be fixed later Put an oven paper down and let rest in the steamer pot about 45 minutes This is how it shows Steam in boiling water for 15 minutes Turn off the fire and to prevent the Baozi from deflating, open the lid a bit and let rest for about 5 minutes And it is ready to serve Friends, this version is the most classic, but it can also be done with a lot of different fillings, both sweet and salty that I will share with you in the future If you like it please "Thumbs up" and to not loose any of my recipes, please subscribe an style=”text-decoration: underline;”>toan> my channel Bye Bye !!!

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