What is up guys welcome back ong>toong> the channels Joaquin Corrales guys if you haven't already hit the subscribe button hit the Notification bell we're releasing awesome videos daily and guys This is video number three on the Shopify challenge okay in this video I'm going to show you guys ong>howong> Facebook? advertising the correct way ong>toong> be able on: underline;”>how ong>toong> set up your song>toong> just giving you a list of products that were Profitable in the pasture or whatever right so guys if you haven't already I'm not sure why you're starting in this video If you haven't watched one and on: underline;”>to go back and watch those and then get ong>toong> this one But let's get right into it so guys the first thing is Obviously picking the products and we already did that so let's pick one of these products here in which we're gonna advertise on Facebook To get people inonna use this exact image so the first thing that we're gonna need for an advertisement is an image So let me hit the preview button right here I'm gonna save this image ong>toong> my downloads shirt, and then I'm gonna go on: underline;”>to a Service online this website called canva ok canva

com You're gonna Go there You're gonna start up here It's not even a trial like you guys are gonna be able to come in on a free account you're gonna be able to do everything that you need at the beginning with the free account so you're good to go and I usually I I don't use this one I use Phoong>toong>shop because I know how ong>toong> use Phoong>toong>shop But if you guys don't know ong>howong> to use Phoong>toong>shop, and you don't have it Then you could go ahead and use this canva a site It works exactly the same I've used it a couple times so the first thing is I want on: underline;”>to come here to the upload and I'm gonna upload that same image that I just downloaded so let's go ahead and do that and So what we're gonna do after we upload the image is we're gonna come here Facebook post so make sure that you guys do that and it's gonna give you all these samples here and I basically go down the samples and find one that looks like it would work look I could use this one right here And obviously we'll be able to edit everything and the first thing that I'll do is

I'll delete this image here I'll come ong>toong> the uploads and I'll throw in my my image right there And you see like that and like literally two seconds I already have an advertisement That's 90% done It looks super professional and it's gonna differentiate ourselves from the competition, but we're really going ong>toong> be able to differentiate ourselves well, we're really is in the Isn't our Facebook advertising okay, and we're gonna do that in a couple of seconds here So what I would put here in this little top name here is What's the name of this product so come and get the name of this okay done So I would put that here On Steve mouths shirt And then what you guys have ong>toong> focus on are your as you're creating these ads its car city and rarity Okay People buy when things are scarce okay when when the time is about ong>toong> run out when there's only? ten of them when there's a timer right in front of your face when there's a Discount and things like that right and with Black Friday What people are mainly looking for our discounts okay so in here you're gonna put you're gonna mix car city with rarity so seventy seventy-five percent off for the first Twenty on the first twenty for the first twenty Cusong>toong>mers right so here you're saying hey, there's seventy-five percent off But wait because this is only for the first twenty so you need to hurry okay? So the people looking at these are gonna be like wow I like the way that this looks I need ong>toong> buy it fast and I need to buy it now because it's 75 percent off and there's only and there's it's only available for twenty people and that's Kind of like the mindset that you have on the design sometimes even throwing this image inon more than the ad is what we're gonna get inong>toong> Next okay, and it's gonna be on: underline;”>how you set up your Facebook ads And who you put this ad in front of okay because this is ultimately the most important part You can pick the most profitable product ever right like we were saying in the last video, but if you don't put that Profitable product, or I don't mean profitable I mean product that is working for other people if you have that product that is working for other people Right that is going ong>toong> be the winning product And you don't put that in front of people who are going on: underline;”>to buy it then it's useless Right if you have this is uh? this is a Children's clothing and it's a freakin Mouse If you put this in front of someone who doesn't have a kid and who prefers dogs over cats Then they're gonna ignore it and it's gonna be useless and a waste of ong>moneyong> no matter How good your ad is no matter ong>howong> good the product is right, so let's go ahead and let's download this advertisement right here We're gonna download it and we're gonna hop right into Facebook alright guys so before we hop inFacebook I want on: underline;”>to go over some things that I'm not gonna go over in this video But that you guys need to ong>makeong> sure that you do so the first thing is that you need ong>toong> create a Facebook page for your For your sonna create a Facebook page because that's where we're gonna run all of the advertisement off of and then That's also going to create or you're already going Facebook page, it's gonna come with or it's not gonna come but you're gonna have an ad account and that's we're gonna use to run the Advertisements on: underline;”>to that Facebook page where we're gonna create the post So let's just break down the steps here one by one so the first thing that we're gonna need to do is we're gonna need To post on Facebook, okay, so we're gonna post on Facebook our advertisement, but first as a regular post using the image that we just created in in Campbell com and the second part is that we're Gonna use our ad account Okay So we're gonna use the ad account To advertise that product okay ong>toong> advertise that post on Facebook and then we're gonna put it in front of people who are more likely ong>toong> buy it than others right depending on interest and the Strategies that we're about to go over now before we get inon: underline;”>to that before we hop inong>toong> the ad account Let's briefly go over How Facebook Ads work, okay? So you there's kind of like a hierarchy ong>toong> it? Okay at the top you have your campaigns okay? and then you have different ad sets so a campaign could have many different ad sets let's call this here ad sets Ad sets right so it has many different ad sets and what these ad sets do is that they target different audiences? Okay, so you have one campaign a campaign can have many different ad sets which all target different audiences I mean they could target the same audience, but that's useless so different ad sets targeting different audiences And then ad sets have different advertisements, okay So that's kind of like the hierarchy The hierarchy in facebook ads so you have a campaign, then you have ad sets the ad sets remember Let me put it here our different audiences Audiences I Admire you if you can read my handwriting in this So we have different ad sets which have are all for different Audiences right so if you want Facebook And the strategy that we're gonna follow is the following we're gonna create one campaign, okay? And then what I usually do is that I create a bunch of different ad sets okay? And what I do is that I'll create the first ad set and I'm gonna do it now But first I want ong>toong> explain it like this I'll do I'll create one ad set and I'll target Different people right like celebrities that are associated with what I'm selling okay? So that ad set will have I'll target different celebrities and then I'll pick my ad and then what I'll do is that I'll come back and I'll Duplicate that ad set and I'll leave the same ad right so every single ad set every single ad set right here Let me switch up the color, so you guys aren't confused every single ad set is Going to be Every single ad set is this thing gonna switch the colors or what? Every single ad set is pointing basically ong>toong> the same Advertisement, but a different copy of it for itself so we have this ad set right here Which has the post we have this ad set right here, which is advertising the post we have this ad set right here which is advertising the post right and that's that's exactly on: underline;”>how we're gonna do it and every single ad set is gonna be targeting different things and Now we're gonna go into the strategies of who do we need on: underline;”>to target in these different ad sets and then ong> do? So you could do it at a lower scale for example you could set up Maybe three ad sets right three ad sets at $3 each per day So you're spending $10 a day and what you guys have ong>toong> realize is that when you first start you're gonna lose some on: underline;”>money Okay, and that's on: underline;”>to worry about Losing those ten dollars 20 dollars at the start and once you learn this then then you're going to win, right So let's get right inong>toong> the ad account So I'm here and one of the one of my newer addict cons that I barely use and what you're gonna do first is you're gonna click on this create buton: underline;”>to do this after you post on Facebook So I'm sure some you guys can look up another video on how ong>toong> post on Facebook, okay? It's pretty simple so you post that image that we had right here You post this image with a caption and in the caption you want ong>toong> make sure you mentioned that? 75% off and you want ong>toong> on: underline;”>make sure that you mention the the link To the product ok the link ong>toong> the product or another thing about the links ong>toong> the products if we're back here in our Shopify Son: underline;”>to online song>toong>re And then go on: underline;”>to navigation and you're gonna create a short link for your product Okay, so you're gonna click right here on URL redirects so the steps again our online store? navigation URL redirects and then you're gonna click on add URL redirect and here you're gonna put like for example a Cat shirt and here you're gonna put the actual URL, so let's say that I go here I'm gonna copy this really long URL at the top So when people go ong>toong>? BF deals Demo mine Shopify comm or your domain, right? Slash cat shirt then they're gonna be redirected on: underline;”>to here and then that's super important because let's say that for some reason you want to Change out your product like you want one or maybe it's a new product on Shopify all you have on: underline;”>to come here And changed where it redirects to so when people go here redirect on: underline;”>to having to modify all of your ads so so yeah That's perfect then you're gonna put that URL so the URL at this point is your domain comm forward slash cat sure right so That's on: underline;”>to this product so you're gonna want ong>makeong> sure on: underline;”>to put that in your Facebook post Now the important part is creating your actual advertisements you're gonna come here

It's gonna be a converging advertisement, okay, we're gonna We're gonna be optimizing for conversions And what that means what it means ong>toong> have optimized for conversions is that? He recently got changed in Facebook But uh we're gonna be targeting add to carts so what that means is that every time someone adds the product Facebook is gonna is gonna note that down and then after 50 add to carts so once we get 50 add onna go Over then Facebook is gonna start optimizing For add ong>toong> carts and what that means is that Facebook is gonna see the audience that you're targeting And it's gonna see a pattern in the people that are adding to cart so for example everyone that Add on: underline;”>to Target in your audience right so hold on Let's pull up Phoon: underline;”>to say that we have an audience right here of a ton of different people that you're targeting right ton of different people ton of different people ton of different people and then in Red are the people that are adding to cart right? People that are adding ong>toong> cart so what Facebook is gonna do is that after you have 50 you're targeting all the people in the black and After you have 50 of these little red ones, then Facebook is gonna automatically start doing this right So it's gonna be like oh these are the people these are the people that have added ong>toong> cart now Where are the people that are similar to them? And maybe it's gonna grab this black one because it's similar or this black one because it's similar and then this one because it's similar But it's not gonna grab this one because that one does not have similar characteristics ong>toong> the people who have added ong>toong> cart and it's gonna start son: underline;”>to people who it thinks that it's that are gonna be a lot more likely on: underline;”>how it optimizes by itself so it's actually pretty cool, so we want ong>toong> do that You know there's a lot of people that also say that you should do paper engagement first receive your ad works That's not how I do it, and that's not how ong>howong> I would do it I would go straight inon: underline;”>to Cart right capitalize it as OCD now you click continue And now you're creating your ad set okay, so if we go back to phoong>toong>shop for a second Now we're creating now We're a level lower, and we're creating these different ad sets right here so obviously you're gonna start with one ad set and Where it says select conversion event you're gonna select your add on: underline;”>to cart right so your Add onna create another video after this song>howong>ing you guys the power of the Facebook pick so and onnected ong>toong> your sonna be a three video series But I'm actually gonna create that video outside of the series, but you're gonna be able to set here Add ong>toong> Cart Okay, which means that you want Facebook pixel and now we get onna put this advertisement in front of and we're we're able ong>toong> pick the right product based on What we learned in the previous video? And if we're able to put that product in front of people who are more likely to buy it Then we're going to on: underline;”>make sales right so that's that's the order of it So this is the first ad set and just on: underline;”>to two $300 per day Okay, because I'm gonna be creating a lot of them And I'm gonna set this one day click or view which means that I want on: underline;”>to count a conversion if they if they add It ong>toong> cart within a day of clicking it, okay I've never really used a seven-day clicks review I have known use for you could just leave it at one it's not a big deal Now when it comes ong>toong> here I always put English as my languages right maybe if you guys are from other countries And you would put your languages your language there, but my advertisements are in English so I just go straight inong>toong> that and Then this is where it gets interesting right because here you could drill down inong>howong> Or what interest you want ong>toong> target now? What what someone who's a beginner or maybe even not a beginner might think of when they want to target for? Example people ong-sleeve shirt right because it's a long sleeve shirt Long distance relationship, that's not it so sure I'm sure they have shirt here, so t-shirt shirt sleeveless shirt, whatever But guys this is the wrong way to target and the reason why this is the wrong way to target is because you're going on: underline;”>too many people in here and and this is what everyone's doing right so as you could imagine if everyone's doing this and it's gonna be a lot more competitive and You're gonna waste a lot more money So what you guys have ong>toong> do is you have to do the following so you have to create a lot of little add sets So for example like we said before we have we have the campaign here, and then we have different ad sets ad set ad set ad Set a lot of different ad sets coming out of this one campaign, and then every single ad set is advertising the post okay Now what we have ong>toong> do in the strategy here is to spend three dollars per ad set okay? But not targeting things that are super obvious like that like for example if you're targeting cats you don't want on: underline;”>to target are for example Cat food brands right so cat food brands because you know that if someone's interested In a cat food brand then they more than likely like cats like you don't someone is not randomly Interested in a freaking cat food brand right, but you could be random You could be accidentally interested in cats like through Facebook's algorithm because one day you like the cat post or something right so then they they said alright this guy like the cat post he's interested in cats But if you like cat food Then you're more than likely 80% likely ong>toong> To be interested in cat right and so when we target people like that with that in mind as far as not targeting them based on what's obvious but on what is kind of like a Secondary thing that I could think of about where I'm what I'm targeting that could lead me ong>toong> Get this ad in front of the right amount of people and there's no set way on: underline;”>to come up with right you have to be creative about it and maybe find people who are Authorities in that niche so for example, maybe there's someone on YouTube who talks about cats like a lot And so people that like that person are very interested in cats, ong>toong>o So maybe you target them or maybe there are certain celebrities who are super passionate about cats And they have a fan club about cats So you would target that maybe there are fan clubs and fan pages and other song>toong>res that sell cat stuff So you would target like that type of thing but the main idea behind all of this is to master Testing okay if you could master testing then you will be successful in Shopify because that's all that is okay There is no Specific strategy on the the same the same exact ad that you're going on: underline;”>to run on: underline;”>to generate a ton of on: underline;”>to testing and to Investing a little bit of time in doing it And then as you do it obviously as with everything else you get better, right? So what I do and what I suggest you Do is that you spend three dollars per day on each of these different ad sets and on each of these different ad sets you Want ong>toong> target small amounts of interests, okay? And and maybe things that are similar so if you find that there are cat fan clubs Then you might want to target the cat fan clubs all in here and then hear all the cat food brands and then hear all The other things so if you keep them If you keep them Enclosed in two things that are similar on: underline;”>to better gauge their performance right because if this one is doing poorly but this was doing highly then you know that the That the cat food brands are what's working so then you would kill this ad and you would kill this ad and you would pass The oney from there ong>toong> here right, so you would bring this one up on: underline;”>to nine dollars And then see on: underline;”>how it performs after a day or two and then continue ong>toong> go up But the cool thing is about Facebook Is that obviously it makes it extremely easy for you ong>toong> be able on: underline;”>to do all of this and that it optimizes For add to carts and for purchases later on as you get more data, so as you spend more on: underline;”>money But guys the number one key thing that I would tell anyone and this is something that was an issue with me as well It's on: underline;”>money, okay It's okay one You're investing in your knowledge And you're and you're buying data right you're buying information from Facebook because they're telling you okay These interests work these interests Don't work this one does work spend more ong>moneyong> there and then ong>makeong> more money back if you guys have ong>toong> spend $50 and go $50 in the red, okay lose $50 ong>toong> find a winning product that is going ong>toong> make you 50k Right I mean, it ong>makeong>s sense Maybe maybe when you're losing the $50 it freaking hurts, right? But when you're making the 50k back later on Then you're good right, and you you only need that to happen once But there's so many people that never get ong>toong> it and that I never happens once for them because you're scared of losing these $50 so much Or they don't want to do it that they? They never get ong>toong> the on: underline;”>to the 50k right or and I'm just saying 50 cals relative number obviously it could be 1k 2k But the point is that you're making a profit So make sure that you guys get good at testing and the way that you test is by creating a lot of different ad sets Now the audience size right, this is something that is also important the audience size that I'd like to stay at is from 250 K so from 250 K People up ong>moneyong> so if you if you have a lower than 250 K, and you would spend less like the 3 $5 but usually I'll do maybe like $10 per ad set so I would I want a bigger audience on: underline;”>too And I'll make some more videos on ong>howong> you could start scaling your ads once you do find the one that works but a Hundred percent on: underline;”>to become good at testing and once You become good at testing Then you could do anything because at the end of the day what everyone out there that is making a lot of ong>moneyong> and Shopify Is doing is that they're testing a bunch of different products at the same time right? They're finding the ones that work and spending more on: underline;”>money in them ok the the people out there Who are making ong>moneyong> are not just? Picking a product and then making a shit ton of money with it like it doesn't work like that ever They have to test ok and people don't realize that everyone's trying ong>toong> find the easy way out Same exact product strategy the same exact Facebook advertising strategy, and yeah There are good tips that you could follow and there are certain strategies that you could follow, but at the end of the day They're just different strategies That allow you on: underline;”>make sure you do that now You know ong>howong> to set up your song> to test these products to see if they're going ong>toong> be profitable and Testing these products during Black Friday in the next couple of days and even going forward are gonna Be a lot easier the better Facebook gets the better you get at Targeting right and the more data that you feed it so that your Facebook pixel becomes more powerful I'm gonna create a couple more videos on the Facebook pixel later on and guys drop down in the comments what you guys want ong>toong> See in this channel I'm super pumped I'm gonna be uploading videos daily, and I'll see you on the next one ong>makeong> sure you guys subscribe

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