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Passives Einkommen aufbauen mit Affiliate Marketing

How To Build A Monthly Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing That I show you in this video, on the one hand, one knows Affiliate Marketing yes from the product sales that you just mediate a product and then get a one-time commission that's all nice and good but then you have nothing more in the following month I show you now a little trick how you find programs with which you monthly passive income and where you get commissions as long as yours Keep customers

There is the page Digistore24com You may already know that If you are not yet a member, then register for free This is a great platform

If you have your account and are logged in, then you just go over here on marketplace Now you can see all the products you can advertise here That's 3435 right now You can filter that very well according to the topic Most of these products are one time payments when you give them


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But if you click on subscriptions for the payment methods and then on the magnifying glass then you only see products that contain recurring payments Now there are 278 products with permanent payments If you apply this then you will always get money I did not know that for a long time For example, you can now see the program of Klick Tipp

This is the best autoresponder in the german area For every one you mediate you get 25 percent commission every month or so with an annual payment you get the every year again you also get many further data displayed I will continue on page 3 Then here is the bikini figure coaching Certainly interesting too

Let's see what's on the Affiliate Support page In that case, for every mediated sale, you get 1385 per month per sale a product that can be very interesting I know many in Austria who would need this coaching without me now be naughty Just take a look here and see if you can find a program here for you Niche fits

For me, this video was mainly about the subscription trick so you These special programs can see where you see programs that you use monthly Can build passive income At the moment I am applying for an excellent affiliate program with monthly commissions My video you can see here now If you liked my video, then I would like to subscribe also my channel and leave me a comment That's it for this video, see you next time

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