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PB&J Doughnuts


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Hi guys Im Caroline and I am Alejandra Today we are making Peanut Butter & Jelly Donuts We are gonna a really simple Doughnut dough, and we are going start off by using some warm milk I have little yeast hereand just a pinch of sugarand while thats sort of activating, we are gonna make our flour mixture, which is just flour, healthy amount of nutmeg, freshly grated, and add that salt and the rest of that sugar I have a pretty heavy hand with my nutmeg actually

This smells really goodI feel like it helps bring out the sort of nuttiness of peanut butter when we add it eventually, So here we go, we have our flour mixture, which I am gonna whisk together and add about a tablespoon of butter to that egg and whisk that togetherActually I am gonna add them all to the mixture, So we are going to add this butter and egg mixture, and I am going to turn on the mixer, just on low,and just add this flour mixture in about a quarter cup amounts, just so you are not hitting all the liquid in there with so much flour that it is hard to incorporate

are fun, they are worth the wait! So once we get it all together, we going to leave that for about 5 min and have a nice sticky dough and we are going to end up putting it in the refrigerator overnight So this is dough that I told you I already made in advance, so if you wanna go ahead and dust our surface We are gonna roll this to about half an inch of thicknessIts nice and cold, a little bit firmIt is so fun working with dough that has yeast in it

It just takes a little bit of patience and timeSo we are gonna use a round cookie cutter, we are not making doughnuts with holes in them, because we are actually filling theseWe have this prepared parchment paper and let the dough rise until it is double in size Depending on where you are and cold it is outside, all those things affect it, so just until it is double in size For me it is usually about an hour thoughI want as many doughnuts as possibleSo now I am gonna show you the fun part We have the risen doughnuts here, We have a nice pot of hot oil, its about 370 degrees and I am gonna drop a few at a time , of these risen doughnuts into this hot oil

About a minute asideWe just don't wanna crowd the pan You can see it gets nice and golden brownThe reason why you have to watch the temperature is that you want them to be nice and golden brown on both sides, but also cooked in the middleSo there we go, its about a minute aside, like I said, So we are going to start on the glaze, and that is where the peanut butter comes in

So we use about a quarter cup of crunch time peanut butter which I chose because I thought it was kind of cool to see the texture of the peanuts in thereSo we add that to a sauce pan with a little bit of confectioner sugar, butter and cinnamon Once these doughnuts are cool enough we are going to fill them with Raspberry Jam and dip them in the glaze we have here

So this is the glaze, like I said the peanut butter has all come together with the butter and once all our doughnuts are cooked and cooledNow I am gonna do the fun part which is fill these with jelly, so we have some seedless Raspberry jam in a piping bagActually its super simple and a little messyYou just insert the tip of the piping bag, directly into the side and you just push it in, you can actually feel the doughnut bulge a little bitAnd as I feel them I am gonna pass them on to you, you can dip the facing side of it into the dip we already made

That looks awesomeImportant part of this is to find seedless Raspberry JamI wanna try the squeezy bit Messy is goodSee it's easy, Like a Pro

!I have never done this beforeGood JobWhat comes next! There you have it Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnuts! Have you ever had a Peanut Butter Doughnut? Tell us about it in the comments section below

Thanks for watching, we hope you like this recipe and give it a thumbs upEvery single week we cook up a new Peanut Buttery dishSee you next time

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