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Pelosi and Schumer’s Response is Getting Destroyed on Social Media!

Moments ago, Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer Nancy responded to Trump’s address: Without any evidence, Schumer Pelosi repeatedly called the proposal for a physical barrier at the border “ineffective” Meanwhile, Border Patrol leaders who dedicate their life to security have made it clear they believe a wall would be effective


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The from Trump supporters was overwhelming Does anyone take either @SenSchumer or @SpeakerPelosi as serious leaders in the US? Knowing they were for for a wall during Obama’s presidency #TrumpAddress Who decided it was a good idea to have Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who look like evil villains from a comic book, give the response to the #TrumpAddress? He was emotional They were boring and robotic

He wins Dems suffered a major defeat Nancy Pelosi had nothing to say about Ronil Singh, who was murdered by a criminal illegal alien in her state She said nothing Democrats murdered Corporal Singh

#TrumpAddress Nancy Pelosi, tear down the wall around your house #TrumpAddress Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi look like aliens exchanging protein strands #TrumpAddress Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been in office for decades… they haven’t fixed border security at all They are the reason the situation has gotten worse #TrumpAddress

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