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Peppa Pig Official Channel | Peppa Pig Teaches Grandpa Pig How to Use Computers

(PEPPA READING) NARRATOR: Peppa and George are at Granny and Grandpa Pig's house PEPPA: (GIGGLES) Grandpa Pig! GEORGE: Granpa Ig! What's this? A cuckoo clock? Yes, it goes "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!" But it's broken

(SNORTS) Can you mend it, please, Grandpa Pig? Hmm (SNORTS) Let's take it to my shed NARRATOR: This is Grandpas Pig's shed where Grandpa mends things I'll take a look inside Grandpa! Now you've really broken it

Oh I wonder if I've got a book on clocks? Ah! Here we are "How Clocks Work" NARRATOR: Grandpa Pig has mended the cuckoo clock BOTH: Hooray! (CLOCK CHIMES) BOTH: (LAUGHS) Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! (HORN HONKS) NARRATOR: Mummy Pig has come to pick up Peppa and George

(SNORTS) Mummy, Grandpa's mended the cuckoo clock -That's nice -(SNORTS) What's that? It's my old computer (SNORTS) I can't mend that It's not broken

I've got a new computer I thought you might like my old one Um, I'm not sure I really need one Oh, a computer What does it do? You can do letters with it

Look, Granny COMPUTER: A, B, C, D And numbers

COMPUTER: One, two, three I'm afraid we might break it by pressing the wrong button (LAUGHS) Don't worry, you can't break it

Just don't feed it milk Or biscuits or jelly (LAUGHTER) The best thing it does is Happy Mrs Chicken! When you press this button, she lays an egg I'm very good at it But George is the best (GIGGLES) (LAUGHTER) That's fun! Perhaps we should keep the computer, Granny Pig

-GRANDPARENTS: Goodbye! -ALL: Bye-bye! (HORN HONKS) Shall we do some work on the computer, Granny Pig? Yes, let's do some numbers and letters NARRATOR: Peppa and her family are having lunch I've given my old computer to Granny and Grandpa That's nice I wonder how they're getting on with it

(PHONE RINGS) Hello, Peppa Pig speaking Ah, Peppa, I need to ask a question about the computer It's Grandpa He's broken the computer What's the problem with the computer, Grandpa Pig? -It's full of eggs! -Eggs? Happy Mrs

Chicken won't lay any more eggs COMPUTER: I'm broken Turn the computer off Now turn it back on again Did that fix it? COMPUTER: I am very broken

That doesn't sound good Maybe it can't be mended We'll come round and pick it up Granny, we're here to take the computer back Oh, Grandpa Pig has taken it to his shed

There, that should do it! I am mended! BOTH: Hooray! (SNORTS) My Grandpa is the best at mending things Was it very hard to mend? Not at all I found I had this book, How Computers Work So you don't want us to take the computer away now? No! I need it for important work For letter and number work? (SNORTS) No! To beat Granny Pig's Happy Mrs

Chicken score I laid 4,020 eggs ALL: Wow! So I've got some work to do, catching up (ALL LAUGHING) (PEPPA READING) NARRATOR: It is early morning Mummy and Daddy Pig are still asleep

(SNORES) (BOTH GIGGLE) Wakey-wakey, Mummy and Daddy! -Uh? What? -Oink It's time to get up! It's much too early Don't you know what time it is, Peppa? No, Daddy Our clock doesn't work Oh, dear

Let's see if we can mend it Ah, the old cuckoo clock Why is it called a cuckoo clock? (OINKS) There's a little wooden bird inside called a cuckoo I've never seen a cuckoo That's because we stopped winding it a long time ago

-The cuckoo got a bit annoying -Oh Can we wind it up again, please? (OINKS) All right NARRATOR: Daddy Pig is winding up the cuckoo clock There

Daddy Pig sets the clock to the right time It is nearly nine o'clock -Daddy, can we see the cuckoo now? -(OINKS) -You'll see the cuckoo soon -What does she look like, Daddy? Now, let me think She moves her head, like this

-(BOTH LAUGH) -(OINKS) And she flaps her wings like this -(BOTH LAUGH) -And she says, ahem, -"Cuckoo!" -(BOTH LAUGH) -(OINKS) Cuckoo! -(BOTH LAUGH) What a noisy little cuckoo you are, George Cuckoo! (LAUGHS) Look! It's going to do something! (CLOCK CUCKOOS) Wow! (LAUGHS) Silly George! You missed the cuckoo! -(SOBS) -The cuckoo was really, really brilliant She went, "Cuckoo!" and you missed it -(SOBS) -Never mind, George

You can see cuckoo next time But you'll have to wait Cuckoo only comes out once an hour Waiting is boring Come on, George, let's play outside

NARRATOR: George does not want to play outside He is waiting to see cuckoo It is nearly 10 o'clock George has been waiting for cuckoo for almost an hour George! Come and play! Mr

Dinosaur wants you to play, too Grrr! (LAUGHS) Grrr! Dinosaur! (CLOCK CUCKOOS) NARRATOR: George has missed cuckoo again (SOBS) Never mind, George Why don't you play in the garden? I'll call you when it's time to see cuckoo -(BOTH LAUGH) -To you, George! NARRATOR: It is nearly 11 o'clock

Peppa! George! Time to see cuckoo! Quick, George! You can't miss cuckoo again! Oh NARRATOR: George is running faster than he has ever run before (PANTING) (CLOCK CUCKOOS) -(LAUGHS) -George, did you see cuckoo? -Cuckoo! Cuckoo! -(GIGGLES) Cuckoo! NARRATOR: Peppa and George love playing cuckoos (LAUGHS) Cuckoo! (LAUGHS) Cuckoo! -It is night time -BOTH: Cuckoo! Peppa and George are very sleepy

Cuckoo (YAWNS) Peppa and George are asleep -(CLOCK CUCKOOS) -(GASPS) -Is it morning already? -Uh, no Time to sleep Cuckoo is not very well

She just needs to sleep, like you and George -Good night -Good night, my little piggies George, I know how to make cuckoo better (OINK!) Wind her up, like Daddy did

(LAUGHS) NARRATOR: Mummy and Daddy are fast asleep -What? -Mummy, Daddy, we've got something to show you We've made cuckoo better! (CLOCK CUCKOOS) (ALL LAUGH) (PEPPA READING) -NARRATOR: Peppa and George are playing in the garden -(GIGGLING) -Oh -The grass has not been cut for a while

It has grown very long -Come on, George -(GIGGLES AND OINKS) -George, where are you? -(OINKS) -I can't see you! -(SNORTS) (GIGGLES) George, I am coming to get you (GIGGLING) NARRATOR: Peppa and George cannot see each other (GIGGLING) Oh! (BOTH GIGGLE) Peppa and George love playing in the long grass

Daddy Pig is going to read his newspaper (SIGHS) What a nice day for doing Nothing

NARRATOR: Daddy Pig loves doing nothing Oh, goodness me, Daddy Pig, we've let the garden get a bit out of control -(SNORTS) What do you mean, Mummy Pig? -The grass! -It needs cutting -Oh, I quite like it It's the wild garden look

(GIGGLING) Mummy! Daddy! Come and play in the long grass! -(SNORTS) It's fun! -(LAUGHS) Okay Let's all play with this spotty ball (GIGGLING) Oh, where's it gone? NARRATOR: The ball is lost in the long grass Now we'll never find it -Hmm, maybe it is time to cut the grass

-Yes, Daddy Pig (SNORTS) I'll get the lawnmower -I'm sure it's here somewhere -(OBJECTS CLATTERING) Ah, here it is NARRATOR: Daddy Pig has found the lawnmower

(SNORTS) It's a bit old and rusty Nonsense It'll have the grass cut in no time (GROANS) It does seem a bit rusty Maybe I should phone Grandpa Pig and ask if we can borrow his lawnmower

There's no need to phone Grandpa I just need to push a bit harder NARRATOR: Daddy Pig's lawnmower is not very good Oh I know! Let's phone Grandpa

(PHONE RINGS) Hello Grandpa Pig speaking Hello, Grandpa Pig Could you help us cut some very long grass? Oh, certainly (LAUGHS) I'll be over right away

Bye I think this is a job for Betsy (HORN BELLOWS) NARRATOR: Grandpa Pig is driving his motormower over to Peppa's house (HORNS HONK) -(SNORTS) Grandpa Pig! -'Oppa 'Ig! (SNORTS) Hello, everyone I hear there's some grass that needs cutting

And it's just a bit too long for my lawnmower (SNORTS) Don't worry, Betsy will have it done in no time Is your lawnmower called Betsy? -She certainly is -(HORN BELLOWS) -(GIGGLES) Hello, Betsy -(HORN BELLOWS) (ALL GIGGLE) Grandpa, can we ride on Betsy? Of course you can

Hop aboard Aye-aye, Captain Grandpa We'll have this grass cut in no time Hold tight -Here we go! -ALL: Whee! NARRATOR: Betsy is very good at cutting grass

-(GIGGLING) This is fun! -(LAUGHS) -There! Finished! -(OINKS) Grandpa, you've missed a bit GRANDPA PIG: Oh, yes -Oh, what's this? -Oh, the spotty ball (GIGGLES) Thank you for finding our ball, Grandpa And thank you for cutting the grass

Cutting grass is easy with Betsy -(HORN BELLOWS) -(ALL GIGGLE) (SNORTS) Now we can play with our spotty ball (GIGGLES) To you, Daddy NARRATOR: The ball bounces very well on the short grass -(LAUGHS) To you, George


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