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Personal and Business Goals for 2019 | Exciting Announcement!

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited this nervous scared Hey Spoonies, welcome back to another video! I am so excited to be telling you guys my this year


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I feel like when I express my goals and write them down and tell other people it makes my goals more real and it makes me more accountable to put the work in to make my dreams and goals happen So, I have about nine or ten goals One of them is a secret, I'm gonna keep it to myself until the end of the year but I am super excited to tell you guys my goals I would love for you to subscribe to my channel if you aren't already and don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up My first goal for is I want to read every day

Whether it's reading for myself, reading for my YouTube channel, reading for how to build a website, anything to do with reading I want to be able to do that every single day My second goal is I want to have a date night with my husband every single month That has been one of the things we didn't really get to do last year because he was away at school so I want to implement date night back into our routine My next goal is I want to be creative every single week

I may not be able to do this every single day because life happens but I want to be drawing, I want to be designing, I want to be writing, I want to be doing something creative for myself every single week Next goal is kind of a -related goal and I want to blog every week This has been one I wanted to do last year but then time and life just got in the way but I really want to focus on my website and grow my website to be more of what I want it to be And to do that I need to actually put something on there So I want to blog every single week

My next goal is YouTube related and I want to be checking in on my comments every single day I did get into a groove where I didn't notice any of my comments, so I had comments from way older videos not being responded to So I want to respond to comments every single night My next goal is also YouTube related and I've and I want to close caption all of my videos before they go live I want close captions to be ready, they're up and they are ready to go because I know in the spoonie community a lot of people do like seeing my closed captions and so that's my goal is to make closed captions available and not just the YouTube uploads, because a lot of those times those are wrong

They use curse words and not the right words So I'm gonna close caption all of them all of my videos before upload My next goal is I want to spend more quality time with my kids I know this seems like a goal that should be happening already but sometimes quality time and doing something that they love and watching them blossom through their creativity or their sports I just want to be able to spend quality time with them and really get to know their heart and their soul and I'm gonna make that goal in 2019

My next goal is I want to celebrate the small things If you didn't already know I do celebrate my small milestones and I want to continue doing that because every milestone, everything has put me to where I am now I just want to celebrate the small things and if I got dressed one day I want to be able to be okay with that and not feel guilty, if I took a shower I want to be okay with that because sometimes with depression and anxiety that doesn't happen So I want to celebrate the small things and just enjoy life as it comes And then the last goal I'm gonna tell you guys, oh my gosh I'm so excited for this and nervous and scared and oh my gosh like! My goal is to start writing my book! Whether I finish it, whether I have only the first page

My goal is to start writing my book and start putting the pencil to the paper and get all of the stuff in my head out And that's kind of scary but I'm gonna do it I'm gonna start it I'm gonna take that first step and start writing my book I want to know what your guys goals for 2019 are

Leave them down in the comments section I cannot wait to see what you guys are up to this year Thank you guys once again for supporting me and all of my crazy dreams and I can't wait to see where this year takes us I will see you guys next week for another video but until then stay positive bye guys! goals, accountability, resolutions, , new years

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