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Postdoctoral Application Type NES 2019/2020


Kaduna, the Nigerian Defense Academy's (NDA) postgraduate training school, 9. now direct marketing admission application forms to its part-time and full-time postgraduate training programs for the 2019 school season. / 2020. See courses, requirements and the way to apply NDA Post graduate Type underneath.

NDA Postgraduate Form

Nominations of suitably able Candidates are invited to the full-time and part-time postgraduate programs of the Nigerian Defense Academy Post graduate School, Kaduna, for the 2019/2020 school season. .

Postdoctoral class NDA.

Packed time:

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full time postgraduate course

Fraction time:

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part-time postgraduate course

Conditions of Admission to the NDA 3rd Cycle Programs.

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The necessities for the distinct programs are 1. follows:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1.doctoral applicant will have to have 1. smallest 1.moment-lesson honors measure (lower division) and 1.understand's measure in-the field offered 2. 1.recognized university. As well as, the applicant will have to have obtained 1. fair of 1. smallest 60% or 1. MPC of three.50 on 1.scale of five on the understand's pull down.
  • Understand's measure (Understand's measure, Understand's measure and Understand's measure) 1.applicant who wishes to 2. admitted to the Understand's program will have to 2. 1.graduate of the Nigerian Defense Academy or some other recognized university. This applicant will have to have 1. smallest 1.moment-lesson honors measure (lower division) in-the pertinent field of observe.

Fraction time:

The necessities for the distinct programs are 1. follows:

  • Understand's measure: Applicants applying for part-time programs will have to have 1.bachelor's measure with 1.smallest of occasion lesson with specialization (lower division). Candidates with 1.third-lesson measure or 1.larger national measure will have to likewise possess 1.postgraduate measure with credits 9. 1.related discipline from 1.recognized university to 2. qualified. HND Candidates will have to have 1.lower smallest credit to apply.
  • DPI Programs: Applicants applying to the postgraduate measure program will have to have 1. smallest 1.third-lesson measure from the Nigerian Defense Academy or some other recognized university, or 1.larger national measure with 1.lower smallest credit.

Duration of NDA Postdoctoral Programs.

Packed time:

Every doctoral or understand's student will have to entire 1.full-time observe and research program on the Academy. Depending at the measure envisaged, the succeeding conditions are likewise pertinent:

  • 1.understand student will escort this system for two years (Four semesters).
  • Doctoral Candidates will have to entire this system for three years (6 semesters). On the final of the period of observe for 1.given program, a student who has now not completed his or her program will have to 2. got rid of from the academy.

Fraction time:

  • 1.understand's student will have to entire this system for 18 months (work 9. progress for 2 semesters and one semester 9. project), aside from the 2-year MBA program.
  • 1.postgraduate student will have to entire this system for 12 months (2 semesters), aside from engineering courses permanent 2 years (Four semesters).
  • Understand's and post-doctoral programs are offered on Fridays and Saturdays.

The best way to apply for the NDA Postdoctoral Admission Type.

The need of at the web application forms 9. Accessible from July 10, 2019 – September 15, 2019.

Apply here

at the web Application: When purchasing get entry to codes, potential candidates will have to escort the join at the NDA website. www.nda.edu.ng or associate to pgapplications.nda.edu.ng to entire the at the web application type. For dilute advance inquiries, please contact the Secretary, Post graduate School, Nigerian Academy of Defense, PMB 2109, Kaduna – 08035902949.



  • Your initial step towards applying to the Nigerian Defense Academy postgraduate school 9. to create 1. account.
  • click on Right here create 1. account. if you have already got 1. account, click to associate to the web directory. Your account will will let you purchase 1.type and entire your application 9. a couple of sessions. You’re going to get entry to your secure application 9. succeeding sessions 2. logging 9. under "Login" or "Application Status". if you’ve already began 1. application, you’ll still log 9. to persist. The structure will simplify the way to entire the application. Once determined with the application, click conform!

B. FORM OF purchase

  • Candidates pays their applications at the web by means of the web directory or by means of REMITA Retrieval Reference RRR from the Nigerian bank in their finest. Kind definite you’ve completed the previous step "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" to persist.
  • Pay at the web, S & # 39; identify at the application web directory, select "Pay on the web".
  • To pay by means of one of the most Nigerian banks of your finest, log 9. to the application web directory, select "Pay at department".
  • The application will guide you thru remainder of the easy cash settlement operations


  • at the web downloading of compulsory documents 9. compulsory. It’s due to this fact recommended to bring the originals of those downloaded documents to scrutinize them amid your interview. Information about your request 9. kept on a secure server and remains confidential prior to submission. Use the Support join to receive help or help amid the of completion and submission operations.
  • Please note that your application 9. entire most effective when all copies of your credentials, acknowledgment type, transcript request type and medical report type have been uploaded and submitted along with your application.


  • Your application can be reviewed at the web 2. the pertinent admissions officers once it 9. submitted to Nigerian Defense Acadmey at the web. All compulsory application procedures will have to 2. completed 2. the fit application closing date.


  • View the status of your application 2. logging into this structure with the log into details assigned to you for the application. Notwithstanding, you are going to receive significant emails associated with the status of your application.

Most of the people will have to 2. wary of fraudsters who can pretend to 2. the academy. For this purpose, candidates are encouraged to contact the NDA to subtract any obscure details.


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