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Why choose Magento? When we are e-commerce and we want to create a website, it is essential to choose the right e-commerce platform It is important for traders who want to create a website to find a platform or CMS (Content Management System) that will fit their needs, to their budget and support the evolutions of their site

For many, Magento is often seen as the perfect platform; effective and fully customizable Here are the main features that make Magento the best platform for an e-commerce site 1- Full control With Magento, developers and site owners, have control of the back-end and front-end of their site (design and development) This means that they can fully customize it according to the budget and technical skills of their team without limits In addition, for less technical e-traders, Magento offers its own template, for a simple and fast production

2- Support Community The Magento community (users, developers, and service providers) can be really useful for new users thanks to information, resources and expertise technical provided Problems and deadlocks always occur when developing a site Internet If you encounter a problem, there will surely be someone else within the community that has already treated and corrected this problem This can be seen as a small help but overall it can save a lot of time Magento's official documentation is also very useful and very detailed

3- Extensions and features Magento has a large number of extensions and features Even if some extensions are paying (especially on Magento 2), many are free and will be suitable for traders, who can always find an extension corresponding to their needs and budget It is necessary above all Note that the strength of Magento lies in its ability to evolve: automation is really possible on Magento and the integration of an ERP within the CMS is largely feasible too Magento can go a long way in the features

4- Adaptable Magento is very adaptable, which means with the right hardware and the right hosting infrastructure, the system can be scalable, that is, the system can add server resources automatically, if needed For example, if the site of an e-merchant has a sudden increase in traffic, the Online store will not be impacted and everything will have been handled automatically Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud are the hosts that allow this type of architecture 5- Open source Magento is an open-source platform, which means that developers and Site owners have access to the source code when they create their site This access also allows for more freedom and flexibility since they will be able to completely change the functionality of their site according to their needs

So developers can control the processing of information, the display information, etc If you do not have the possibility or the resources to create your website you can call an agency yourself We, the Market Academy Agency, can assist you in your various projects e-commerce, in site creation and redesign under Magento You will also find many other agencies that know how to do as we do and as well that we sites under Magento Be careful, Magento is a choice, like a Prestashop, a wordpress or a Wix

There are advantages everywhere, disadvantages everywhere And you have to measure the pros and cons before embarking on the adventure Thank you for being so many to participate in our channel, to comment, to leave tutorials Feel free to like, to leave an inch and if one day you go through Aix en Provence, why not, come see us We are here

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