Design of Novel Treatment Process for PVC Based Medical Waste




The aim of the project was to design a novel treatment process plant for treatment of PVC based medical waste. The pathway taken for the process is pre-treatment of the PVC waste to remove medical substance before passing through a two stage gasification pyrolysis for the selective removal of HCl at 3400c then char at 5000C. The required throughput for the plant is 1000MT/day. Material and energy balances on the plant were completed as well as the economic analysis of the plant using 325 woking days. Details of the plant including a process flow diagram (PFD) with material flow stream table have been included. A preliminary control strategy and the resulting piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) have been developed. Mechanical design of the major pieces of equipment was done as well as the considerations for the selection of each piece of equipment. Finally, recommendations related to the design of the plant were proposed.

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