Food truck business plan


If you have interest to start a food business, then I would wish to introduce you to the food trucks business . The food trucks business, can also be called mobile kitchen, roach coach, catering truck or mobile canteen.

Food trucks business is one of the most viable food vending businesses right now.  The cost of starting a food truck business is quite low compared to other kind of restaurant business. This does not mean that food trucks business is so cheap or free to start

The food truck business, transport and sells various type of food and drinks, wherever market could be located. The target market for mobile canteen includes picnics, carnivals, matriculation and convocation in schools, sporting venues, crusade grounds etc.

The Food truck business plan

The food truck business plan is an integral part in starting a food truck business. Below are some of the advantages of getting food trucks business plan:

  1. Food truck business plan gives necessary guides on how to start and run a successful food truck business. It covers food truck business descriptions, food truck business requirements, food truck business startup cost and food truck business tips.
  2. Food truck business plan executive summary. This section of the food truck business plan gives a general overview of the food truck business. The startup cost summary, the location, the personnel and management, the marketing strategies etc.
  3. Food truck business market analysis: In the food truck business market analysis, we have an assessment of the food market in our chosen location. The market analysis takes a look at the size of the food truck market both in the volume and value. The taste and buying pattern of the potential mobile canteen customers. Analysis of existing competitors
  4. Food truck business Sales Strategy: Under the food truck business plan, the Sales Strategy consist of the strategic plans that will position the company’s mobile food brand to gain competitive advantage.
    Some of the sales strategies in this food truck start up business plan includes: Mailbox fliers, sign throwing, radio and tv announcement, bill board advertorials
  5. Food truck business financial statements: To secure the food truck business loan, you will need this vital part of the food truck start up business plan. Under this section 3 years food truck business projected financial statement is calculated. Start up funding analysed, Break-even Analysis, Projected Profit and Loss, Projected Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Sales Forecast and business ratios is inclusive. These calculated assumptions will show investors how viable or profitable is and the expected recoupment  period.

 Do you need a food truck business plan or feasibility study for food truck business? 

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