90 websites that will pay you to write online


Get paid to write websites are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an
easy way for almost anyone to make money writing online. There are a few
different types of paid to write websites such as paid to blog, pay per post, paid to
review and more.
But, no matter which type you choose, getting paid to write articles online comes
down to 3 categories; Revenue sharing- Ads are placed along side the content to
generate revenue and the money earned from those ads are shared with the
writers. Pay Per Post- The writer gets paid for each individual article he or she
writes. Performance based- The writer earns money based on the performance
of the article determined by factors like the number of page views and etc. With
that said, here are 55+ paid to write sites where you can make money writing:



Here’s personal list of blogs that pay around $0 post or more, from my own writers’ guidelines page. They’re listed in the order they began paying posts, most recent first:

  1. Your Online Biz — Thrilled to have inspired Darnell Jackson to top me — he began paying $100 a post in March 2013. Nice job, Darnell.
  2. Write Your Revolution — Sarah Russell’s blog joined the ranks of $50-a-post paying markets in February. (UPDATE: This site is hiatus.)
  3. Be a Freelance Blogger — Sophie Lizard has joined the smart set and now pays $50 a post.
  4. The Renegade Writer – Excited to add Freelance Writers Den’s Other Den Mother Linda Formichelli to the list of people who’re taking the high road and paying $50 a post.
  5. ReadLearnWrite – Paying $50 a post after seeing my Problogger post about paid guesting in Feb. 2012.
  6. David Worrell’s blog, Rock Solid Finance (formerly Your Inside Guy) was the first niche blogger to jump on board my bandwagon and start pay $50 for guests posts back in late 2010. So think he’s the coolest. You should definitely read his blog

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