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Rainbow-Filled Doughnuts | RECIPE


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Hello everyone! Today I would like a rainbow colored pudding fried donut! Let's get started! Dry yeast, 1 teaspoon of hot water and sugar in a bowl attached to a whisk, leave for 10 minutes Add medium powders, sugar cup 1/2, eggs, butter and salt, add a whisk to knead the bread, and knead for 8 minutes

If you do not have a whisk, you can make a dough by kneading by hand at the cook for 8 minutes! Put the dough in an oiled bowl and make it into a lap Place it in a warm place and bench time for 1 hour Extend the fabric to a thickness of 05 cm and remove 15 to 20 rounds with a 6 cm diameter round drawing die Arrange a little amount of flour on a top board, lap it, bench time 20 minutes to a warm place

Put the rough oil in a pot, medium heat and warm to 187 degrees Grill every 3 to 4 donuts and fry for 1 minute on each side Transfer the kitchen paper to the top plate on which it was drawn Keep it cool Make a glaze: Mix powder sugar and cream and keep it apart

Make the contents: Divide the vanilla purine into six equal parts and color it rainbow Put them in a squeezable bag with each round cap attached Drill a hole in each donut with a knife or the like I squeeze each color purine into the rainbow order It is difficult to know many colors to put in each color, but if you put a pudding, the donut will be slightly heavier, Put each color a little at a time, if there is plenty of room, put a little more pudding of the last color

Put on a glaze, swing rainbow spray to complete it! Thank you for watching! Next week is a theme week that uploads videos every day from Monday to Friday, The theme is written in the explanation column! Monday! Bye bye!

Source: Youtube

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