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RE/MAX Success – Real Estate Website Design & Development by Stepps – lsre.com.au

My name is Katie Knight and I am the principal at RE/MAX Success in Toowoomba RE/MAX Success originally started in August of 1998 and it was actually my dad who started the company and with the help of my sister

We were very dominant in sales, by one person being my dad who was a very strong sales agent in an area So when Dan and I took on the company five years ago, our goal was to really make sure that we had a really strong sales force that wasn't like principal reliant So now we have leading market share for sales, we have leading market share for property management as well so we're very happy with that – Toowoomba is an hour and a half west of Brisbane It's what we consider as a big country town, roughly 150,000 population

Toowoomba has just completely changed in the last five years or so We've had some big movers and shakers do some massive infrastructure projects such as the Wagner's family that's built the new airport out to the west of Toowoomba That's really opened up Toowoomba to be a hub for people to be travelling to, for tourist's side of things or to ship stuff straight out to China – Marketing 20 years ago was, I was gonna say it's not very different, and yet it is Not very different in the fact that we ran content marketing right from the very beginning

It's actually how we built our rent roll, we not manage over 1,500 properties But in the early stages, we ran a publication in the newspaper, that's kind of how we pushed the market – The newspaper's always had such a stranglehold on buyers and sellers in Toowoomba Still does to some degree, it's obviously a lot more digital now, but 10 years ago, we were driving down handwritten A4 pieces of paper to The Chronicle which is our local newspaper for them to physically type and build the ad And you would sit next to them, for anywhere from two to five hours to build these proofs and make sure they were all lined properly and change photos around and that sort of stuff

Just to make sure that your newspaper presence was gonna hit the market appropriately on the weekend Today it's so much more social, it'd be the biggest thing that I've seen And so much more digital Digital is obviously self explanatory, but the social aspect now of people flicking through on smartphones and taking over the way that they're searching for homes and finding homes and finding agents is incredible They're no longer using just the newspaper, they're definitely going to Facebook and Insta, Snapchat for some agents, although that's not my thing, but definitely those social mediums

– We wanted to build a new website because we actually wanted to deliver what a customer wants We wanted to build a new website because we wanted to get to the front as a sales office and as a property management office And once we got there, which we've achieved, we needed to stay there And how do you stay there? You gotta keep changing and going cutting edge We partnered with Stepps because I actually know Josh personally

I think Josh invited me down to one of his seminars and I came down and was like wow, these guys are really across stuff that we don't know about And being a real estate agent, okay our job is to be a real estate agent, right? To know the ins and outs and be the experts of that field What some people forget is, you need a coach in all areas of your business And for us, Josh is like our digital coach So he's there and his team are there, to help promote our business the best way digitally, and show us first hand, what's working and what's not

So that we are at the forefront of what's happening in the industry Building a website is one thing that Stepps do incredibly well, but they've got a whole other arm to their business as well, that we're able to tap into, which is a content package side for us So because everything's gone very social these days, we don't wanna bombard people with here's a new listing, here's a new sold property, or anything like that on social media We wanna give them content, we wanna give them information about what's happening in Toowoomba, what are the infrastructure projects that are being talked about and tap into the way that they want to get the news, so to speak Working with Stepps has been great

The guys have been really easy to communicate with, they've tolerated my, what can I say, OCD tendencies, wanting to get everything just right I try not to be a bit of a control freak And I definitely take their lead but there are certain things that I wanted tweaked, they did a beautiful website, exactly what we'd ask for, but we decided the night before we didn't want that anymore And we changed it up, we had a discussion, and they gave us some input, we took on their feedback, and now really happy with the finished product And then anything we've had to tweak and change like with any new website, that's gonna happen, they've been right on it for us and they've been giving us feedback right the way through

How the website is tracking, the performance and what's going on So the partnership hass been outstanding and I would strongly recommend Josh and his team at Stepps (inspiring music)

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