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How to Make DORITOS TACO SALAD ~ Retro Salad Recipe

This is an old retro recipe I'm Tess and today I'm making an old and all-time favorite of our family Taco salad! Stay tuned (intro) I've made this Dorito taco salad many times over the years It is easy, lots of great flavor and feeds a hungry crowd We just …

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CKP Recipe – Tel Poli – Puran Poli

Namaskar, I am Sushama Today we are going to see on the occasion of HOLI CKP Style – "TEL POLI" Lot of families prepare Puran Poli's specially the "Pith Poli" variant of Puran Poli But CKP Community flatten the poli's on oil which are called "Tel Poli's" Thus this is …

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Gujiya recipe without mawa | राजस्थानी चूरमा गुजिया – मावा के बिना बनी होली के लिये खास गुजिया

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Gujiya is a unique sweet for the festival of Holi It is tastier to eat We made it using the varieties of methods Today we will make it using a new method Today we will make Choorma Gujiya Come, let us start the cooking The dough …

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Chard Soup Recipe

Chard soup is my favourite soup I love the taste of chard, I find it much less bitter than spinach Chard is loaded with goodness, has a rich taste, and makes a delicious thick soup full of flavour Chard grows bigger and stronger than spinach, and is much easier to …

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Crock Pot Beans and Meatballs Pantry Clean Out Recipe

crock pot beans and meatballs pantry clean out recipe canned food recipe budget food storage recipe easy emergency food meals prepper pantry prepping meals when there's nothing to eat hi it's AlaskaGranny are you looking for a meal that's fast cheap and easy made from the foods you have on …

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Healthy Chicken Burrito Recipe

– Hey guys, welcome back Today I'm gonna show you how to make burritos, that are juicy, healthy and better than Chipotle And I'm gonna show you two options You can make them in your Instant Pot, with dried beans, no soaking, or, you can make them on the stove, …

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