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Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Get The FASTEST / BEST Horse (RDR2)

[Intro] Hey guys, it's TCousteau from FantasticalGamer, and welcome back channel! Welcome back to another Dead 2 video Horses are a preferred mode of transport for cowboys


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They’re fast, organic and green Plus, they can kick the face off of anyone you don’t like What’s not to love? Likewise, horses are your friends in RDR2 They start bonding with you since the day you buy or steal them, and the better care you take of them, the better the bond and the higher the health, stamina, bravery and other levels of the But all horses are not made equal, there are some really bad horses out there and some really fast ones

Today we’ll help you weed out the weak ones from the batch as we take a look at YOU can the fastest horse in the game [Body] Arguably the best horse in the game is “The Arabian” It costs $1,25000 for the Ray Grey Bay and $1,05000 for the Black Coat

It is a Superior type with Elite Handling, best HP, best stamina, best speed, and best accuracy There are 3 versions, Rose Grey Bay, White, and Black Coat Now in order to get this rare breed you’d want to head out way North towards Lake Isabella Place a marker on the road to the left of the empty space in the lake The common place to find Arabians is to the North-West of this area

Once you make the long trek towards this area you’ll need to slowly move towards the horse when you find it Be careful not to spook it, it may run off If it’s spooked, try calming it down a couple of times before attempting to mount it Once you’ve mounted it, try to stay on it as it will try to knock you off Keep trying to stay on the horse and eventually you’ll break it

This will be notified with a prompt on the screen towards the top left Right now it will have some wild tendencies but if you continue to bond with it, it will become more obedient Make your way towards the road if you want to find some more but do be careful, if you run into wild animals like wolves, they’ll attack your horse and cause the bond level to go down If you happen to find another one, just break it and lasso it all the way back into town If you aren’t able to find it, walk away from the area and return over and over until you find one

Patience is key here because you won’t be able to find one on your first attempt unless you’re extremely lucky You can also sell the horse if you’re hard-pressed for cash, they fetch a decent price [Outro] And that does it for this video, The Arabian is an amazingly fast horse and totally worth getting It really makes the lengthy land traversal easy, especially if you’re not too keen on fast-traveling Have you found and tamed any Arabians yet? What’s your favorite horse breed? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below

Until then, this has been TCousteau See Ya!

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