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Registration of part-time students BASUG 2018/2019


Bauchi State University, in Gadau (BASUG), began the enrollment exercise of newly admitted students and returned to the 2018/2019 school season. See the enrollment portal and BASUG part-time enrollment delay underneath.

Bauchi State University in Gadau (BASUG) - Registration of part-time students

This is meant to tell all fresh and outofdate part-time students of the Bauchi State University in Gadau (BASUG) that the school management has activated the portal of Registration of the educational session 2018/2019.

All part-time students are invited to proceed http://basugpt.safsrms.com/ for completing their enrollment on the 2018/2019 school season.

The enrollment of BASUG part-time students will last four weeks (that’s, from July 15th to August 15th, 2019).

RECOMMENDED: Part-time academic calendar for the Bauchi State University (BASUG) of Bauchi for the educational session 2018/2019.

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