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Robertsons Masterclass – Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

I'm making cheese and mustard stuffed chicken fillets Wrapped in prosciutto

And I'm gonna be mixing some grated cheddar cheese with equal amounts of mozzarella cheese Then I'm gonna add some really nice whole grain mustard, just a nice dollop Some Robertsons sweet basil and then salt and pepper Then I'm gonna mix it up, just using my hands It's just way easier

Then I'm gonna cut a cavity for our filling I'm not gonna cut straight through I'm gonna line my chicken fillet with some spinach, just a leaf at the bottom Then I'm just gonna make a little ball with our cheese and mustard stuffing and that's gonna go in there Don't be scared to almost like overstuff it

Then I'll top it with another piece of spinach; we close that off Ok and to finish it off just gonna roll it in our prosciutto, and I'm gonna roll it over this cavity It will just keep all that lovely stuffing inside I've preheated the oven to about 180 degrees Celsius and it's gonna go in there for about 25 to 30 minutes The chicken fillets are done and they smell really yummy

I'm just gonna cut into them just to see that really nice gooey cheese oozing out of it hmm delicious!

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