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Sample Roofing Contractor commerce Plan Outline


Is it worth writing a long commerce plan for your roofing commerce? The preparation of the commerce plan can take a long time and many entrepreneurs are tempted to go on without one unless they really need it to prove the validity of ideas to partners or investors.

However, your hedging commerce will not be a huge and complicated affair for a few years, so why worry? Well, even whether I wouldn't propose you spend months writing a 100 page report, it could be useful to have a 10 to 20 page document on your PC that could be your commerce project for success. You can make changes to it as you slowly memorize about the commerce.

It will be the key document that determines precisely how your commerce is managed. whether done correctly you should be able to deliver this document to someone when they buy your commerce and can take over with very little time to explain things to them.

Here is a brief commerce plan model on the corporate roof to give you some ideas on how to get together.


Content page and executive summary

This should be a summary of your entire commerce coverage plan. whether you present the plan to interested parties, let them know the contents. Include a basic summary of your plans to start a hedging activity. Describe the opportunities you see in the market and what you plan to do to capture a piece of cake for you.

Background in the roofing sector

Show yourself or others why you are cut off from going into this commerce. List details on your training and any relevant experience you have had in the roof sector or in the commerce world in general. Outline your reasons for wanting to start a hedging commerce.

Mission statement

Define your commerce mission or philosophy in a few words or in a short sentence. Try to think about what you want to do with your commerce in addition to profits. You should be guided by the desire to offer quality service to people in a way that satisfies them and provides great value for them, while still allowing you to achieve your goals. What kind of products and services do you want to deliver? How will you be different from all other coverage companies?

commerce objectives

Set the goals you have for your company in its early years. Set realistic goals that you know can be reached so you don't get discouraged whether you don't meet them. Success can be measured by a number of parameters such as the total number of cover jobs completed per month, the percentage of leads that become new customers or the productivity of employees, for example.

Startup Requirements

List all the products and services that your company will offer and then set up a list of equipment and stock that you will need to get started. whether you need to buy a truck, you will be asked for minimum starting costs of around $ 20,000.

Start-up requirements will also include compliance costs. Depending on the state you are operating in, you may need a contractor's license, an insurance policy, a bond or to comply with a number of other relevant regulations.

Don't forget that in addition to the order of all the essential equipment for the coverage you will also have to buy the materials for your first job. Generally, customers pay a substantial part of the total bill at the end of the job, so you will have to pay the bill until reimbursement when they pay the bill in full.

Structure, ownership and management

There are four basic options to consider for your commerce structure and include the sole proprietorship, partnership, limited company or limited liability company (LLC).

Describe how your company will be owned and take note of the various parts that could have a share of ownership.

setup a management structure so that there is no confusion among those involved in the commerce about who is responsible for managing each part of the company.

Marketing plan

Identify your target market both in terms of position and other demographic factors and describe the type of people or properties that make up your target market. Include the results of any market research you do or statistics from the local sector that you are able to gather.

setup a detailed plan for your rooftop marketing commerce. This should include how you expect to get requests, convert them into new accounts and keep them long-term. It should also include brand development, pricing, advertising, a sales approach and other marketing methods.

Competitive analysis

Write the profiles of your main local competitors and try to understand how they manage their activities. Borrow and adapt the characteristics of their work and look for weaknesses in their commerce models that you may be able to capitalize on. Find out how you will distinguish your brand from them in a way that allows you to stand out on the market.


Include details of daily operations of the proposed hedging activity. Take note of the location of the office, commerce administration and registration systems, plans to hire employees and procedures regarding roof installations or repairs.

Financial analysis

Describe some of the methods you could use to get funding for your new commerce.

Create a spreadsheet that shows the expected cash flow forecasts for the first few years of activity for a series of scenarios. You can then determine how profitable you think the commerce will be in a number of different economic climates.

You will be able to find many free examples of on the web commerce plans but it may be more difficult to find a specific sample of a commerce plan for coverage. There are some commerce planning software programs that you can buy, but they are generally just generic commerce plans that have been adapted besides.

Unless you can persuade other commerce owners of roofs to share their plan with you, then you really have to look at models from other industries and shape your commerce plan on the roofs.

By Craig Johansen
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