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Sexual Health: 3 Foods That Can Cause Impotence

whether you are worried that you can't do anything with age, we will let your fears rest. Age growth does not mean sacrificing your sex life!


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or loss of libido normally occurs when men and women age. However, is an inevitable part of aging, which is a myth. The reality is that the food we eat affects the entire body – including . The average American diet is rich in arterial blockages, which not only consumes function, but also promotes healthy reproductive problems such as prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

contemporary processed diets as a whole pose a threat to health and vitality, but there are three main culprits that threaten vitality and may lead to impotence:


For healthy, important energy flows in sexual life, each partner should eat according to the natural size. The energy characteristics of food are as important as nutrition in maintaining a healthy balance between male and female energy.

A diet high in saturated fat will not only make your body less flexible, it will also prevent energy from flowing to the reproductive organs. Excessive chicken and beef in the contemporary diet can cause excessive contraction, a harder, denser body. The energy flow through these tight bodies is easily blocked, main to impotence or coldness. Women with natural soft bodies become less sensitive to sexual behavior, while normally muscular men become more difficult and experience premature ejaculation.

2. Dairy products

Dairy products that are properly nourished for growing calves are not suitable for human consumption. In addition to containing high concentrations of saturated fat, these can also destroy the body's natural balance. Soft dairy products, such as ice cream, can make the normally tough, dense male body soft and interfere with sexual desire. In addition, artificial high estrogen levels in nowadays's farmed dairy products interfere with hormone balance and affect sexual function in both men and women.

3. Refined sugar

Refined sugar weakens the immune system and creates a disease-friendly environment in the body. It also blocks sexual desire. Men who consume too much refined sugar may have difficulty maintaining an erection, and women may find it difficult to experience orgasm.

Although the idea of ​​using pills or surgery to treat sexual dysfunction may sound appealing, the results are both effective and long-lasting. In fact, in the long run, these methods actually weaken your kidneys and reproductive organs and further consume your libido. In order to achieve greater affect, the longevity diet of cooked whole grains and vegetables is a natural and important way to restore youthful energy and restore intimacy.

By Julie S. Ong
Sexual Health

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