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Sketching a PUG!

hi everyone i'm back with another sketching video and for today's video I have sketched a very cute pug as you can see here look at this beautiful cute face for this a for this drawing i have used a variety of different materials and of course my go-to was the regular pencil the HB and the two HB which is a little bit darker i have also used faber castell polychromos pencil this is a believe warm grey i have also used the fabor Castelle pitt artist pen which is a cold gray I've used it to enhance some of the dark shadows and last but not least i used a tiny bit of Pan pastel artist pastel to enhance some of the dark shadows and just to make it all blends very beautifully I'm hoping to keep this video very quick throughout the video i'll be giving you some tips and tricks on how to draw dog fur on basically layering techniques so i hope you enjoy to start up i have drawn the approximate shape of the pugs head it's really up to you how you want to approach this you can basically copy from a reference photo you can sketch it yourself if you're really talented you can do it from scratch in my case i have used a reference photo and basically built up the pug face and the detail of the fur on my own based on that reference photo and this of course makes really good practice if you're an aspiring artist again practice makes perfect so don't be afraid to just directly copy from a reference photo I'm to practice your shadowing and you're layering technique and your fur creation your fur drawing skills what I usually like to do is I take one of the lighter pencils the HB pencil and I start to sketch in the fur when sketching for its really good idea to just do very short strokes depending on the type of first some dogs may have longer fur others may have short in this case the pug has pretty short hair the strokes of the of the actual pencil should be rather short and precise basically you just build up the layering with the different shades of grey so I've been building up the layering with the pencils the 2b pencil and the HB pencil as well as the dark warm grey polychromos pencil to achieve the fullness of the dogs fur you basically need to layer on the layering is key and layering with different shades of grey is what pretty much brings the picture together you can create some really cool textures for my layering i've been using the pencil crayon and the pencil as well as the marker as usual thank you guys for watching I will be creating a lot more video tutorials for sketching drawing painting anything watercolor related so thanks again and please don't forget to subscribe below yeah yeah yeah yeah

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