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Soup – MFF Africa

Hi, this is Justin Justin lives in a shitty apartment in a shitty country They call them development countries nowadays for courtesy of course Justin is gonna show us a very useful trick today How to add salt to your soup if you don't have salt Prepare the soupe, done Kill some flies, done The soup is awful without salt Justin doesn't want to go to the grocery at this hour because maybe he could be stabbed Justin says there are two solutions for this kind of problem Either you come from a country where they hang people for loving each others kids drowning because they are all escaping stupidity poor people kill other poor people to help rich people somebody bombs in everybody because he wants to fuck hot chicks in the sky or else, you can always cry over your dead chihuahua Next step is : grab the bol next to your face Let the tears drop in the soup Mix the all stuff It's salty and delicious, "bon appétit" !

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