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Spend $10,000, Make $100,000? [PART 1] – Best Passive Online Income Business 2019 [Amazon FBA]

Let me ask you a question Would you $ to ? In this video, I'm going to show you exactly how in ten steps


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Alright, step number one is check your bank account Now I'm all about saving time, and I don't want to waste yours if you don't have $10,000 If you don't have $10,000 in the bank, or access to $10,000, this opportunity isn't for you Okay, step number two is check your calendar A lot a people are just searching for the next get rich quick scheme, and this isn't that

This business actually takes about thirty minutes to an hour per day, for about one to three months to set up Some people call this a side hustle I like to call it building the foundation of your future Here's why, what I teach people is how to build a generating business through So if you have some spare time in the day and you can commit 30 minutes to an hour per day for the next few months, to building this type of business, keep watching this video

You see passive income, it's like building a house, right? Like you build the walls, you put the roof on, you furnish the inside, and it takes a lot of work, but once you build the house, you can live in it for years to come That's what I teach people how to do with passive income If you can spend the next few months building this foundation, you can have a daily, passive income stream Imagine hundreds or thousands of dollars coming in in passive income per day through Amazon Step three is check your mind set

A lot of people say, "Yeah, I'd spend $10,000 to make $100,000," but here's the thing, for some of my students $10,000 is scary It's scary financially, but also mentally Even when you're investing in something you truly believe in, it can be a mental battle I've walked many people through this process and helped them push through this mindset, making passive income a reality If you've watched this far, you have the time, you have the money, and if you're saying, "I wanna go for this," that's honestly the only mindset you need

Step four, access the risk Now this isn't as risky as say drop shipping or as oversaturated, like affiliate marketing, but starting a business in general, it does involve some risk However, if you're going to take a risk do it on the most proven platform out there, Amazon Now really quick, look at these insane stats Alright, let's just geek out for a second

Amazon has outgrown the next fourteen largest internet retailers That's people like Staples, Apple, Walmart, QVC, Sears, Office Depot, Netflix, Buy You guys get the picture This yellow line? Amazon This blue line? That's all those people combined

Here's a similar looking graph This is Amazon Prime subscriber growth Now the most recent study stat I saw was 2017 They were up to 90 million Prime subscribers This last one's my favorite

I don't know about you guys, but I would rather just click and buy something on Amazon than drive to the store and spend time shopping This graph represents internet retail verse brick and mortar, like actual physical stores You can see internet retail is the yellow line, going up, and up, and up And brick and mortar is going down Now imagine as younger generations grow up

A lot of people think about selling They're like, oh I missed my opportunity It's too oversaturated Just imagine the younger generation as they grow up They're not going to want to drive to brick and mortar stores

This graph is going to continue to sky rocket Now are you ready for the craziest fact I could find? 122 million That's how much is flowing through Amazon in dollars every single day And that was an outdated stat I'm sure it's even more now

That's $5 million per hour That's $84,000 per minute This is thousands of dollars every single second In the time you spent watching this video this is how much money has changed hands on Amazon Now just imagine with me, if you could get in on a tiny pice of this $122 million pie

If you can just reach your hand in and grab a tiny piece of this pie, every single day in passive income, would you go for it? Step five is become a Rainmaker Now all the steps so far, they've really been just about qualifying you for this opportunity I see so many people hop into Amazon , and then quit on themselves, because they haven't gone through those five steps I get it Not everyone is a good fit for what we do at Rainmakers Academy, but if you've gotten this far, and you're saying yes to all these steps, we need to talk

In 2017, we started Rainmakers Academy It where we teach people just like you how to create passive income online If you want to make it rain, if you want to generate passive income for your family, for your future, for your legacy, Rainmakers Academy is your next step Now in the next five steps, I'm gonna show you exactly what we do in Rainmakers Academy to build this business

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