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Strawberry Doughnuts with Sortedfood


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i'm very excited about what the sorted boys are going be doing in my kitchen yes i know they are going to more of their beautiful recipes quick deliciously food no cakes no biscuits and nothing fried and definatley no to kick – start our doughnuts we need to make a sweetened enriched yeasty dough so we need some milk to warm through a knob of butter and meanwhile into our bowl flour some yeast caster sugar and all of that mixture as soon as that butter has melted and one egg and we are going to use some of Jamie's terms whilst we are cooking in his kitchen if you can just wazz this all up wazz it all up that's not a word Jamie there you go if we can give that a quick knead now its quite sticky dough but that's what were looking for that's it just wipe your nose after five minutes of kneading that dough goes into a bowl cover it with a damp cloth or cling film and put it in a warm place for about an hour and what you end up with in our little warm cupboard down here his kitchen sink we have now got look light and fluffy that is now put a bit more flour on the board take small amounts about a 6th of it and just roll it into a ball no no no not stretch it just take little bits you have to be really delicate with this perfect just kind of stuff them inside each other wonderful reference that was not necessary at all Barry another thing have you noticed the new camera angle i like it see if you can hit it see if you can knock a bit more air out of that dough there you go on to the board and then again leave it in a nice warm place have you got a warm place not big enough for this chopping board maybe on top of the fridge cos i have got some here in a very very warm place another hour of proving once they are in there shapes only because they have grown really they grow up so quickly they do indeed and seriously we are not going to mess these around because feel how light those are now they have literally got air bubbles inside so be very very gentle take them over to our fryer which is on at 160 degrees Celsius and again very very carefully were just going to lift them up and lower them into the oil okay and they will float they will need three minutes on either side but because they float the top doesn't cook at all we can make our filling in the meantime all we do is make a simple puree so if we can wazz those up you can always use frozen berries or tinned berries were going to go for the fresh ones what we are going to do is take the cream cheese lots of icing sugar its just a beautiful strawberry puree we don't want too much we don't want it too wet you can always add more but you cant take it back out unlike a cheese cake mix we are going to put an unnecessary amount of icing sugar in because it's for the glace icing do you want to do it johnny i don't know i tend to use cutlery a bit more and Jamie's a bit more hands on and he does it on one leg as well there's our filling lovely these are done so without too much oil on to there look at those beautiful puffy doughnuts once they have cooled down we can take a doughnut put a skewer into the middle and just kind of wiggle it around a bit so you can open up a hole form the inside wider than the outside hole and then with your syringe what happens if you don't have a syringe you can just cut the top and not worry about putting it inside okay so in it goes and what will happen it will fill up the inside and then as you pull the syringe out you might find that some will dribble back out like that but its fine because you can wipe that off and you have got our filled doughnuts i'm going to carry on because you and me know what this is about this is about food channel this is Jamie Oliver's food tube and we are creating some awesome cheesecake doughnuts what's left we are going to put even more icing sugar in to give it a really thick icing more like a glaze icing and then we are going to coat the top while i'm doing that do you want to crush up some biscuits the base of our cheesecake and dehydrated strawberries as well and i think that would impress anybody so what are these? these are the most amazing doughnuts you are ever going to eat in your life don't say that because im guessing he has a fair few doughnuts don't say that its alright because my next recipe is a spit roast and is this deep fried so you are following all the food revolution rules then absolutely its good man whats nice is if you went a bought a doughnut like that the chances of you having anything that had been anywhere near a strawberry is highly improbable very very good if you want to find out the recipe for the strawberry cheesecake where do you go? you go to sortedfoodcom and if you want to subscribe to Jamie's Food channel hit his face anywhere around here anywhere round here

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