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Stuffed Shrimp Recipe – Stuffed Shrimp With Crabmeat – Keto Diet Recipes

thanks for coming my no hippie BBQ this is Lyle and a while back a subscriber of mine sent a that he thought I should hook up the name of that was Shreveport now I looked at that recipe I mean it had a ton of ingredients but when you really boil it down really all that you're going to be doing is kind of making a crab cake out of these ingredients and then stuffing your I am going to be making mine a little friendly so instead of using bread crumbs or anything like that we are going to be using almond flour now in the Shreveport shrimp what you end up doing at the end of this is you end up coating the shrimp the you know a flour mixture and then deep-fry it or pan fry it we're not going to be doing that my recipe is going to be inspired by that but we are going to just be baking these I might be baking them in my new toaster oven I'm not sure yet the ingredients that we're going to need for this and really you know what in the description below I'm going to leave the recipe this kind of inspired me to make this even though I am kind of going off the reservation a bit as far as some of these ingredients go this is one of those that you can turn into your own really I think that you could make this however you on anyway the ingredients I'm going as I have some parsley that's been minced we're going to need some butter I have a tried pepper blend which is orange pepper yellow pepper red pepper some jalapenos to spice it up a little bit we're going to be using some shallots that are diced celery that's been diced like said almond flour and place of bread crumbs Old Bay seasoning is gonna be great this minced garlic I'm just using the bottle of lemon juice if you want to get fresh lemons go get fresh lemons I got sour cream crab claw meat and I always prefer to use Dijon mustard but this is what I have on hand so this is what we're rocking and in the refrigerator I have some pretty jumbo sized shrimp I think there were 12 count shrimp and I have those deveined and butterfly first thing we need to do is get some of these vegetables cooked down so let's get on that sauteing these vegetables should take about five minutes we do just want to cook them until they become popular one of the ingredients that I may add to this recipe down the road is going to be an egg it was used in the recipe that I'm using as inspiration but I may not need it in this one and I am just eyeballing all these ingredients but if you'd like like I said I will be leaving the original recipe in the description below well cook down to where they're softened I'm gonna turn off my skillet throw my parsley in and just let it cool down so we can work it when we make our stuffing myself from dirtying up a bull I'm just going to mix everything in the skillet that we have here at this point all we need to do is add the rest of our ingredients and I have a pretty good idea of what the ingredients and amounts are that we're going to be adding to this so like I had mentioned earlier I am just eyeballing this so we've got our mustard our garlic tab bit of lemon juice sour cream we'll be seasoning I will be able to adjust for flavor down the road and our now that I have that parsley incorporated we're gonna add our almond flour now we're just gonna get busy their hands roll up these sleeves and if needed I will add some more almond flour if I think it's not binding enough like I mentioned earlier we're not adding egg I'm not sure if it's really all that necessary in this so I think this is good to go no need for egg no need for any more almond flour I'm gonna pull my shrimp out of the refrigerator and start stuffing those so change of plans guys we're gonna be eating this shrimp a little bit later so rather than stuffing the shrimp now I'm going to take our crab mixture and I'm just going to form them into little balls about like that and set them on a plate and we will stuff them a little bit down the road this should actually even make it a little bit easier to stuff the shrimp as well and I have about 14 shrimp 5 some of this mixture leftover will just be making some regular oil crab balls out of them stuff in this shrimp now the shrimp you can tell that I butterflied it down the middle and instead of stuffing this side we're gonna lay that side down flat so our tail is kind of up like that and then we're gonna take our stuffing and this should curl up while it's cooking throw our stuffing on top and we're just gonna repeat that for all of these so this is what we have right here and I'm going to spray it some olive oil and now we're going to get them in our toaster oven at 375 degrees and it should take about ten minutes this is gonna be the first time I use this toaster oven so we'll see how it comes out see 375 degrees it's already on 10 minutes let's go ahead and start it get our rack in alright we'll take a look in ten minutes so here we are fresh out of the oven I'm going to go ahead and plate up and taste them and see what I think now this is definitely one of those shrimp recipes that you're going to want to get into with the fork since we have so much of that stuffing on here and go over the top of it with a little bit of lemon juice get in the subtle heat from those jalapenos if you like some spicy food definitely Rocco with the jalapenos listen couldn't be happier I'd like to thank you guys for stopping my no hippie BBQ I appreciate Keto recipes shrimp with crab meat


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