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Successful Tips For Pre-Launch Advertising of Your Website

Billions of pages on the Internet: this is your competition. Think about your daily visits; which sites you visit regularly to get your news, stock quotes and other information. My guess is that your regular visits can count on your fingertips. So how do you, the entrepreneur helps people navigate to the latest addition to the web? The final and biggest site that everyone should know but nobody visits because of poor visibility? There are several key maneuvers you can perform to market your new site and attract people to your site even before it's ready for launch.


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  • Blog, Blog and other blog – The first maneuver is to create blogs based on as many aspects of your trade as possible. Keep an stock in an Excel spreadsheet of your blog posts, user names and passwords. It is important to try a few different blogs and see which ones seem faster in the major search engines. Those are the ones you want to focus your efforts on as soon as possible. Even whether you've never heard of a blog, it could be periodically spidered and an important addition to your blog.
  • Comment, comment, comment – Another great way to get your name is to use something a secret way to backlink your . A backlink is just a link on the of another person or company. Search for blogs related to your product or service. Visit those blogs and post as many free comments as you can. You can generally add a comment without it being pre-approved, it just depends on the popularity of the site or the personality of the blogger. Make certain your comments are relevant to the blog and include only a link to comment. Sometimes a blog contains several posts you can comment on. generally three comments are enough for blogs.
  • Write, write, write – Articles are an important way not only to add credibility to your personal talents, but also add credibility to your website, in addition to the always important backlink from a highly suspected source. Write all the articles you want. Keep them relevant and in about 500 words. This way, people will be more inclined to read your article and probably follow all the links you might have included, which at least one should be on your website.
  • Act greater than you are – The nice thing about the internet is that you can be a small startup from the sofa of your studio in Fresno, California. This does not mean that your website should look like it. whether you are not a great designer, find someone who is. whether you are not a great programmer, find someone who is. Put together a group of people who have the same ambition and make your new site look like Google in your niche. whether your site has not yet been launched, make certain you have a pre-launch registration page and possibly a beta tester registration to make certain your code is tight.

These are just a few examples. I'm certain you have other ideas from you, but you'll want to make certain you do more than just submit your site to search engines. In nowadays's Internet climate, this is no longer enough.

By Brian Puleo
Pre-Launch Startups

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