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#SuccessStory - Nicolas J. Chevalier PDG & Fondateur @E-commerce nation

I'm Nicolas , the founder and CEO of ECommerce Nation, the first European community around eCommerce We have 5 websites in Europe


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One in France, one in Spain, one in Germany one in UK and Italy We provide a lot of information for free for all the professionals around eCommerce On our platform you can find articles, infographics and webinars Everything is for free, so don't hesitate to check our platform and you'll learn a lot about online selling We have an international team also for business development

We have 3 business developers working for building new partnerships with events solutions providers And contacting all our partners around Europe We have a very horizontal structure and management in our team It's very important that every business developer is able to communicate and to know the activities of all the players It's the same for the full team

The content marketing has to be aware about the activities? We do things that's really important to have horizontal communication in our company as a young startup We got a lot of problems Because when you're a small startup and you start to grow, to get more and more partners It's not easy to get the same information from everybody I think it was a key problem for a team, that the content marketing team has to know really what is happening with the business development team Basically we had these problems, how to figure out the communication in a still growing team ? It's for this, Heptaward help us to communicate Once I met Samy and Baptiste, It was very interesting to see this vision Directly to get the data and also to have a passive communication in the office

We did a setup : a screen in our office, just to have all the data How many calls? What are the new partners we are meeting or calling this week? This is really efficient in term of communication because now in the team people ask less questions a bout our different partners and they can just consult the information directly in the office For us it was really important to track our kpi's We figure out it's really important but we don't want to spend too much time tracking all these kpi's What is really interesting, with Heptaward we're able to synchronize the tool directly with Hubspot

We get all the data about turnover, number of calls, number of meetings We have a visual experience and a visual mapping around our commercial activities I recommend this tool For us it was a very helpful in our development, to make more effort and I think the team appreciates this, because it's something that's change also in the team Now once we close a deal, we have a music and a video for this, and evrybody is clapping It makes also more a team success than just a business developer success

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