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Suunto Spartan Trainer en piscina. Review de natación y software.

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Well let's try our Suunto Spartan Trainer In the pool We select the sport mode of swimming pool pulsaamos the start button and we throw ourselves into the water come without fear after a long time testing the clock the first meters of warm up and we look at a quick look at how it works and it's 200 meters in the aerobic zone easy and the time that I take it is visible under the water I recommend setting the illuminator mode always and here after finishing the training he shows us all the partial graphics of the pulsations the total meters and we can simply give it to finish and we point out how happy we are with the training is normal because it gives with haste was I did not have time to record, but it's good to train with three kids At home I show you the training summary and here you decide if you want save it or not because it says is horrible you're going to erase because nothing we keep We also liked to see the software as these series shows speed the series is now going to show us in the software that it's pretty full on movescount

com I'm very happy because if I can send my coach and after the training session the clock is synchronized with the mobile application and we arrive at the results of the statistics here on the subject movescountcom where the summary of the east move has been swimming has been were 44 minutes of putting the average frequency the total distance the maximum speed does not the average speed and the maximum the maximum rate 0 40 the 100 good had some quick series and he says that the sensations is when the training ends I have seen him I have to give to how I felt in training is fine because there are lives that very little time ago that I felt bad if a bike day with windy curious the recovery time after training 12 hours seems quite the place the calories How long have you been on the calcium strips? moderate moderate effort 11 minutes easy 12 minutes intense 14 minutes and very intense 3 minutes maximum acts in 38 seconds good here I have the graphics the graphics have a lot of details we have for example the heart rate that starts at 120 and goes up to 140 a maximum frequency of 155 and good to see in the short series I've done very short series of 25 meters has not caught me because I know that I get to the wall I touch my throat tell me more or less and I know I'm going to 160 so less but here he does not catch it because because they are very short beings then gives us time in this strip to have this here because it comes out five minutes from the pool and I was talking to the girls there from the pool so that I will let you record and that's why here there is no training and it's like in pause another graph would be the swimming rhythm that we can compare it with even the heart rate or turn off the one that stays the rhythm of swimming well 140 150 140 2 140 very quiet and yet here were the series that has caught them that way 58 because she butt swolf which is a measure of quality of the swimming I think it's the less it's better I'm not very clear the frequency of stroke is also very good the truth that you catch absolutely everything catches the speed also of the series the distance that I have traveled the partial to how much do you go and good altitude because here in theory should not be flat because we have not moved from the pool the cadence in this will be for the bike and epoc that are measures of energy consumption I imagine it is ascending but as there was this pause because it has been a little like this is that the epoc ends like this towards up what else do we have then we have the graph of the intensity in the area about 12 minutes from zone 2 that will be by heart rate more than 150 beats 38 seconds nothing more than Well, actually, I'm sure it was more, but the clock does not has caught because they have to be is that they do not take the beats every second what It takes every other time then for the series because we did not see them very adjusted however, it is quite successful because in waters open I caught it fatal I think the neoprene I woke up on the clock because it takes the pulsations directly through a light that emits the part back of the watch on our wrist and that there was the problem in the pool I have measured them quite well but I say that the frequency with the one that measures them if we are doing series because there are times that are going to jump a lot of spikes here we have the turns we have done a single turn and we can measure it because if you want for example by lengths this is for every 25 meters we get the what we have been swimming we are going to see it at intervals and for intervals because for example here I throw myself into the pool and swim 75 meters free and 25 back and another 175 free and 25 butterfly this was to heat let's say 300 meters of warm-up and when I change style Well, it takes me as if we have changed the columns of series, because that is clear activity style heart rate duration I do not know why not register it or look here if the freestyle 00 because well here there is a problem and it is that it does not not It's a dive, nor does it get caught when we're doing it, because we're technically doing kick-stroke stroking techniques that do not get caught puts you 0 meters and the time you have taken and obviously the speed so I regulera and you get it weird I personally hate the part of doing feet and diving I always end up raising the twins and then good the coach has no way of confirming if I have done it because these are partial games that he has swimming in freestyle of zero meters and with pulsations and such and it is four minutes because this may have been the feet five minutes of foot work is 10 meters because I hate to make good feet because is I passed the report like this to me coach and so not good because it does not drive me crazy and what you can see everything quite reliable ie here for example this butterfly series 14 seconds 25 meters since this was not a butterfly, this has been the speed top of 25 I was doing quick series to 25 were 17 16 19 and they will not be almost every 15 there would be some 16 and look here the last 14 but these 17 and 19 Well, the clock has to detect that you stopped on the wall so good is not accurate, maybe it does not work perfectly for series fast so short but it is quite approximate I am very happy with the clock and like the open waters had the gps failure here in reality the failures you have are quite logical and normal Thank you very much and if you are interested in the watch you can buy it in Amazon and without problem Regards and until next time

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