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SYNC GRIND GUIDE: How to quickly farm Sync orb in auto (Flint and Inferneape) | Pokemon Masters

Hi guys, in this video we going to see finally the sync grind, how it works and how quickly farm the sync orb So we have Flint or Inferneape if you prefer the Pokémon, pikachu and torkoal fully unlocked

For the other one we got only these and you can personalize your Sync Pairs as you wish for Flint I have already unlocked this one because I will go this way unlocking these for sure and this too then i will go down, this way unlocking this one which gives accuracy so I will make a special striker Inferneape, this one and this one too, of course you have 60 energy that you can use to choose how personalize your Sync Pairs, so i suggest to unlock these one because they are free, 0 energy as you see then go top left bottom right The reset button will restore the sync orb used and cancel the upgrade made so it won't give you additional energy but it will allow you to experiment without fear of doing something wrong To reset will cost 1000 coins for each unlocked upgrade so it's basically free if you have a lot of coin, also as you can see in the image the sync move level will be needed to unlock some of them Now let's go to see how to quickly farm the sync orb Ok, we going event, single player, we have 2 different type or Sync orb: the coop one that you can get in coop and the single player one

I suggest to farm them in single player I'm using this team, if you don't have Delibird you can replace him with Nosepass I use Delibird because, like in this case, he can give accuracy to Inferneape so for a faster clear, of course you can clear it also a bit slower but the important thing is that he uses, like he did right now, the sync move We going to do another try if we can get the sync orb drop, let's see if we can get the sync orb No, no yes! We got it! Look I'm in auto and i can farm easily the sync orb, in this case of Flint or Inferneape We going to finish with sync move so we get the sync orb So we got 5 specific orb, in this case of Flint and if we farm the coop we get 25 yellow orb that we can change to the blue one 10 for 1 So it's not worth it farm the coop, but is better single player So if you have any questions just comment below and I will answer as soon as possible, Subscribe if you like the content and enable notifications because i will upload the updated Tier List when we will get all the sync grind of all Sync pairs, so good farm to everybody!

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