Magic Diet Soup "2" – Lose Weight Fast, Low Gi.

Hi this is Tony from Cookingaround The last Magic Soup Diet I did kind of went a bit crazy on the Internet Apparently it has gone everywhere It has been a big hit, you know something sometimes you get tired of eating the same soup

So what have I done I have created Magic Diet Soup # 2 Basically we are still using cabbage because it is a good fat fighter But we have other goodies, but in this one I am adding some carrots now carrots is a medium GI so if you are just just starting out I would not use the carrots but since I have reached my goals on weight I am now going up to a medium GI so I can use carrots Now there is no potatoes in here but if you want you can add this celery root to it to substitute the potatoes But in this recipe since I added it the last time I really do not want to add it now So ! again we are going to make a big pot Because I went to a Wedding to Southern Poland the other day and I kind of ate a little to much

So I am going back on my diet for about one week So ! Let's get going on Magic Soup Diet Number 2 And we are back ! and we are ready to start get yourself a big pot remember like last time and what I want you to do grab just a little bit of olive oil Now I am going to just add a little just to satay the onions I would not add to much for after all we do not want the poly saturated fats and we want to to cook with this And what I do know take a little piece of onion like this and just throw it in and you can see that It is already sizzling so I take 3 medium onions Add it like that and me put that in under medium heat and we are just keeping on stirring that around

There we have it just getting a little bit softer but not to much, so we will let it go Ok it is a little bit softer Now ! I take 5 medium carrots sliced add that in And stir that all around and we let that go for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes I am not adding no salt at this point because I do not want to put to much salt because of this type of diet soup and we let that go for a few minutes

we shall be back Add 2 red bell peppers chopped like this Add that there And we stir that around and let that go for about 2 minutes Is that not starting to smell nice Now you can start to see that the onions and pepper here are starting to soften so we can see that there soft I take about 5 stalks of celery and yes i put a little bit of the leaves in Put that in I added the leaves just to give it some color Now let that go for another 2 minutes now look at the colors in there Does that ever look good

And I have been working on this recipe for about a month and a half and I have been changing the recipe and changing it until I got it exactly the way I wanted it for taste and color and perfect for losing all that weight and believe me I gained a little bit back at that Wedding the food there was absolutely awesome We went to a Town called Ribnic I hope I got that right

that is the mountain South side of Poland Ok Let that go for about 2 minutes Now the best of the best the cabbage I have about 1/2 a head of a medium cabbage here That I chopped with my knife you can use the machine if you want Now remember I always I do this to the top, remember ? Like last time, push it down

Push it down Just kidding, do not push it down And now I want you to do take some water add the water and I just want to add it till it is about 3 inch's from the top there you go and now what we do I cover it When it reaches a boil I will bring it down and let it simmer for 25 minutes

We will be back Ok We are back It has been 25 minutes and it has been simmering and I did come back here every now and then and give it a little stir Now how is that starting to look

Awesome Ok now What we are going to do at this stage Grab 2 cans whole tomatos put that in and 2 Do not worry about it being smashed it will all go fine

And now Get 1 liter of tomato juice now with this tomato juice I want it to be low in sodium And 100% tomato juice it is a Little more expensive but it will do a good job And I want you to just pore the whole thing the whole liter, yup Do not worry it will not be tomato soup There you go

Awesome And now Grab some of the beans long string beans and I cut them up and put that inside and I want you to add about 2 1/2 to 3 meat stock to the soup just like that 1 and 1/2 and going to add drop in like that Now if you do not want to use the meat one, you can use chicken stock or if you want to keep it really low Gi you can us the veggie one but since I am on a medium Gi I can add a little more goodies Now this will reduce So stir that a little bit

We now let this boil for 30 minutes Now one person made a comment on another soup Why ? do you boil it so long Well the reason I cook it so long is because of the cabbage I want it the fiber to break down and and it makes it easier to digest So that is basically the reason If you want to do less you go ahead if you want more but that's the way I do it So it will be on for 30 minutes

Then after that it will go on for another 10 minutes And then I will add more goodies and we will be done So take the magic chicken and bring it all the way to 30 munutes and it will let you know And here we are, we are back It's been 30 minutes

So let's see how our soup is cooking Ohhh !!! Man Let's lower the heat a little bit more put this on the side And Now I did come here every now and them and gave it a stir Now when these tomatoes are big like this i just take them into the side as I stir and just smash them on the side, Now I could of done this already but I want to show you this on camera So just smash them up Well some may say why ? not just smash them before well you know, you can do that this is the way I do it

So this way someone is going to get a nice piece of tomato So here now is some ingredients we have 1 teaspoon of cumin 1 teaspoon of nutmeg We have 2 tablespoons of oregano and 2 tablespoons of basil Jut drop that in like that

And I got about almost a cup of fresh chopped parsley And I put that in Now is this not going to be absolutely awesome And about 3/4 to a cup of chopped green onions And that goes in

And we just stir that See the color coming there Now at this point you can add a little bit more spices more seasoning if you want It's up to you, it's your soup Add more basil

Add more oregano That does really not matter And what we do is we add some fresh ground black pepper add as much as you want of pepper And here I am adding about 3/4 of a teaspoon How is that starting to look

So ! Now ! Bring the heat up And let this go for about 15 minutes uncovered and we will be back To taste it and adjust it Do not add any salt Get our chicken there we go 15 minutes, and we shall be back

Here we are back it's been 15 minutes and it has been boiling with the top off Coming to it stir also from the bottom to the top, now how does that look Now ! you can go from this soup to the other without getting bored Now Let's taste it

Here we go Look how nice it looks Just grabbing some of this tomato sauce Checking for salt Now For me It is absolutely perfect

There is some salt in the stock we put in already and if you want to add more salt go ahead but try to keep as less salt as possible In your soup for after all this is a diet soup But ! instead of adding more salt I would add a bit more pepper or a little bit more oregano basil and other things to it make it a little more flavorful And now I am just going to Turn off the heat I hope you will enjoy this soup as much as I have making it for you And it is absolutely, absolutely perfect

So Thank you very much Thank you very much for allowing me to share this recipe with you Enjoy And please send me some comments send me some pictures Let me know "how you are doing" Thankyou very much from Cookingaround

How To Lose Weight Overnight FAST – How To Lose Weight Fast – How To Lose Weight

hi guys today I'm going to be talking through high lost weight overnight it's super safe I'm really effective and i hope you enjoy this video the first ingredient you're going to need is two teaspoons of epsom salt after that we're just going to put in at least four teaspoons of ground cinnamon i recommend for 25 but you can put a bit more if you'd like to I just don't like it smelling to cinnamony because it makes me feel sick after that we're just going to put in two tablespoons of olive oil and we're just going to mix that into the mixture really really lightly just so it doesnt sit on the top and doesn't just get absorbed by one part of the mixture we want it to be done with all of them so we're just going to start and I'm just going to do this so that isn't any lumps and we're also going to do it until it kind of cuts that motion then we're going to boil them for 350 million litres of water into a measuring jug i like to use one with both signs on instead of measuring those cops out but yeah it's completely up to you what you do then we're just gonna mix it in and stir it into the original mix that we made earlier like to do is part by part so i don't get any lumps in my mixture and it's all mixed in really well so none of it sits on the top then I let employees the five to ten minutes just to everything react together before we put the bandage and when we do for the bandage and we're going to soak it for 5 to 10 minutes and it's really important to unroll it's every bit of it gets all over and we're just going to start and just so every single part is covered after staking the bandage five to ten minutes we're just gonna give it one final step before we take out start wrapping around our body i like to do this just so every part of it is covered and then when I put it on my body I put one strap down and then just start going tighter the more straps around i do and i make sure that no skin is left out in between otherwise some parts will be slimmer than others and it will look really weird now we're just going to grab some cling film and wrap it around ourselves this is gonna make us two outs and water so it will make us appear to lose weight and also it stops it from going everywhere on your furniture after wearing it for an hour we're just going to take off the cling film then slowly take off the bandage and your tummy will be a bit red because of the magic can weight loss things that are happening but it's absolutely fine and normal for it to be like this then just stay clear of other bets i'm just going to get a wet towel and just wipe it all around my body this part of my body will also be very dehydrated so I just used some deep moisture lotion all over my front and all over my back really really well and we're left with a much better to me than we were before thank you so much for watching this video bye

5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes – Improve Your Weight Loss Success

Oh, weight loss Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss

Everyone wants to lose some amount of weight Well, mostly everyone And chances are, you've tried your hand on different weight loss methods, and a good amount of you have found results, but the overwhelming majority, unfortunately, haven't From trying diets such low carb, no carb, no fat, high fat, high protein, paleo, zone, keto, Atkins, and even if it fit yours macros to eating 2 meals a days, 3 meals a day, 6 meals, 10 meals, 1 meal, not eating at night, not eating in the morning, or eating only a certain time Fact is, you've probably exhausted your mind from just choosing a diet and exhausted your body from actually trying it And here you are, still the same old you, no weight lost, and be honest, you probably even gained a few extra pounds

So what's the deal? Well, even if I told you that it's as simple as calories in vs calories out, aka eat less and move more, whether you trust me or not, there are many mistakes you're probably making when trying to lose weight And if you wanted to make sure the next time you go on weight loss plan, say, like, right now, it's best to avoid making these 5 common weight loss mistakes Number 1: Underestimating how much you eat Aunt Jay swears that she's been eating only 1000 calories a day MAX

But for some reason, she's still not losing weight So what gives? Things is, Aunt Jay is liar And it's no fault of her own other than basic human intuition Thing is, people commonly underestimate the amount of calories they really eat A study found that people underreported the amount of calories they consumed by as much as 50%

Aunt Jay says she's eating 1000 calories, but it's probably closer to 2000 So your best bet is to count your calories, but let's face, it's not fun having to read each nutrition label and measuring your food You're better off using a calorie counting app or website that will help you do it Granted, it's not always accurate, but much better than having to do it alone Number 2: Feeling obligated to finish your plate

If you're anything like myself and don't like to waste food, you're gonna finish everything on your plate After all, you work hard to put food on that plate, and the last thing you're going to do is throw it away, almost like throwing away money And if you're more like me, usually there's maybe a bite or two left, or a single chicken wing or pizza slice, so you irrationally tell yourself, "Might as well just eat it And this happens a lot, like every day, no matter how gut-bustingly full you are And it also means bye bye to weight loss goals

So to fix this, you either stop eating completely once you feel satisfied or bare with me here buy smaller plates Sounds silly, but it works In fact, there's a whole Wikipedia page called the "Smaller Plate Study," where it was shown that using 10 inch diameter plates instead of 12 inches decreased the amount of food people ate without affecting fullness or satisfaction Pretty darn cool

Number 3: Doing long, tedious, exercises Cardio and weight loss They usually go hand in hand, but should they really? Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercises initially was used to promote a health heart But with the rise of aerobics, it became the standard method in weight loss However, it takes forever to actually do

Today's world, time is money, so spending an hour to burn 3 to 400 calories is just not worth your time And steady-state cardio, such as jogging on a treadmill, is super tedious, repetitive, and it's just not fun

for most Which means, many people will eventually quit So instead of boring yourself with grueling long-winded cardio, you can try something known as high intensity interval training

Not only does it burn calories and even promote muscle building, it does it in half the time as traditional cardio will take Come learn more about it in this video here Number 4: Expecting results too quickly You can thank the media for this one With so many so-called fitness companies and self-proclaimed fitness "gurus," all promising that you can lose something like 20 pounds in 20 days, there's no doubt that people will begin to believe that it can actually be done

Well, honestly, it can be done, but at the cost of your overall health by restricting nutrients that your body needs Also, when losing weight so drastically, your body goes into survival mode and fights to keep every single fat molecule it can, making it harder to burn fat On top of this, a study found that in the popular television competition show, "The Biggest Loser," where contestants compete to lose the most weight in a small amount of time, many of the contestants ended up regaining all the weight they lost with some even gaining more It was shown that this was due to their basal metabolic rate completely crashing Your best bet is to shoot for roughly 1 to 2 pounds a week, or about 10% of your starting weight in 6 months

Number 5: Changing too many things at once Wanting to lose weight is usually followed by a sudden spark of motivation to change your habits And a lot of times, people want to change multiple habits all at once And when they try to do it, they end up failing all at once

Losing weight itself is a multiple habit changing process Eating less is a habit Exercising more is a habit Drinking more water is a habit Heck, even counting your calories is a habit

When you try to do all of this at once, it gets pretty difficult to follow through You're better off just going after one a time So whether it's eating more chicken or waking up early to workout, stick with one until it becomes a solid habit And remember, people are different Some habits are easier to change than others, and some, just won't change

Try changing different habits until you find the ones you know you can do Now there you have it, five mistakes that you can work on improving and hopefully, help you with your weight loss goals Please share some of the mistakes you might have made in the comments below If you found this video helpful, please like, share, and subscribe, and as always, thanks for watching!

Kaju Masala Recipe – કાજુ મસાલા કરી | Kaju Masala Banavani Recipe | Gujarati Rasoi

Hello Friends, Today we will make Punjabi Dish, Kaju Curry Shallow fry 150 grams of cashew nuts in ghee Heat ghee & add 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 4-5 black peppercorns, 4-5 cloves, 2-3 cinnamon sticks, 2-3 cardamom, and 2 bay leaves

Stir well Add paste of 2 onions Stir til it turns golden brown Add 1-15 teaspoon ginger garlic paste and saute it well

Add puree of 2 tomatoes, 1/2 cup kaju paste & mix well Add 1/2 cup cream and stir well Add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1-15 teaspoon dhana jeera powder 1

5-2 teaspoon red chilli powder & mix well Add shallow fried cashew nuts and mix well Add water and prepare the gravy Add salt as per taste & mix well Add 1 teaspoon garam masala, dried fenugreek leaves and mix well

Close lid and cook for 3-5 minutes Kaju Masala is ready to eat Serve it with butter naan or kulcha

How to Lose Stomach Belly Fat in 1 Week at home – Tamil Beauty Tips

Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today I am very happy and i am having a good news for you too that our channel got crossed 50000 subscribers these all credits will goes to those who all subcribed my channel Thank you so much and love you guys So, daily i am seeing your comments and reading it o daily basis

let me share you some comments among them Most of them use to tell that they are watching or viewing my video along with their whole family

i feel very happy to hear this I can feel that how much love and hope you are showing to me whatever bad comments i receive you people voluteerly questioning them supporting me is very happy for me once my video has uploaded you guys are not even seeing it fully but giving like and commenting that sister i am the first view and first like and all

So, no words i have to express on it i use to do reply with full of smile on my face because i can feel that how much hope you are having on me I am nothing without your love, care and support these all you have given to me

but i will need this the same in my future also because, this what my full enouragement if you guys and your support is with me

i can reach 1lakh and 1 million subscribers to me Once again a special thanks to my each subscribers and viewers And my hearty thanks to G-Studios Love you guys In todays beauty tip we gonna make a special drink to reduce belly fat let me tell you that how to make this drink and the required items But, before getting into the show, you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy

just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification Not only that, if people want to watch my previous videos means you can click on my channel name that is tamil beauty tips so, you can see all my previous videos Friends, lets get into the show At first, let me tell you the required ingredients Hot water Honey Ginger water Take some hot water Gigner juice( you can make this by grinding the ginger and do filter) Add those ginger juice into the hot water Add 2 spoons of honey to avoid ginger spicyness let me drink this Its really super

As we have added honey it gives a super taste And please dont add sugar in it then there is no value for this drink do whatever i told you

then see how slim you will be Boys and girls both can use this drink to reduce their belly fat friends, it is such a easy and useful tip Do try it without fail have it one time per day For kids you can give on holidays it helps to kill bacteria in stomach to reduce belly it is not enough

you should go walking and avoid some food as well First bubble gum second dont use too much sugar and salt as well take it correctly Dont take any kind of soft drinks Ice cream, fast food, oil food have your dinner before 8'o clock before sleep do walking and go to sleep if you people follow this along with that drink you can forget you belly do comment that what you feel about my tip if you people aware of any tip dont forget to let me know after watching do like and do share to everyone thank you so much for watching my show for so long time

will meet you in next video until that bye from jessie Love you so much and please take care

How to run Android O (8.0) on your computer (PC) – Tutorial

In order to run Android 8 on your computer, you need to download two files Enter the link from the description, or search for JDK on Google Enter the second link Accept And select the version of Windows you are using Wait for the download to finish Install it as follow Go to the download link in the description below, and download the Android SDK Tools Click on the download link Wait a while Extract it Inside the tools folder, run Android batch file Deselect all And under Android 80

0, select SDK Platform and Google APIs Under Extras, select Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator Install 2 packages Accept all Licenses and install Wait for the packages to be downloaded Press on Tools, Manage AVDs Create Give it a name Under Device, select Nexus 5 Target, Android 80

0 Enable Use Host GPU Select No skin Press OK Select the item on the list, and press Start Launch Be patient, Android O 80 is loading All done!

Source: Youtube

How to lose weight fast in 7 – 10 days | vegan diet chart for weight loss | Fitness Rockers

Hello friends welcome to fitnessrockerscom Generally people stops eating foods for weight loss but its not a right approach for weight loss

Its actually unhealthy way In this video we well share a 1000 carlorie diet plan for weight loss which will help you in weight loss as well as keep you healthy will all essential nutrients so lets start First meal be early morning snacks Tak 2 High fiber digestive biscuits with 1 cup Lemon Green Tea You will get 55 calories from this diet 2nd meal will be Breakfast You can have 1 bowl of Poha or upma and sprinkle flex seeds on it Also have 1 cup skimmed or double tonned milk with it this meal will provide you 330 calories

3rd Meal will be Mid Morning Snacks You can consume 1 apple or orange OR any other season fruit but try to avoid sugary fruits like mangoes, banana, grapes etc this meal will provide you 50 calories with lots of fibers, vitamins & minerals

4th meal is Lunch Here you will consume 1 medium bowl of Brown Rice OR 2 Indian Bread or rotis made of mix grains with these consume 1 medium bowl cooked lentils or dal, 1 cup low fat yogurt and 1 cup vegetable salad where you can add cucumber, carrot, onion, tomatoes etc With this diet will get 330 calories 5th meal is evening snacks Take 1 apple or orange with 1 cup Lemon green team and 2-3 high fiber digestive buiscuits this meal will give you 110 calories Last meal of the day will be Dinner

consume 1 large bowl of broccoli or cauliflower salad You can add some more vegetables in it like spinach, carrot, tomatoes etc Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of flexseeds too on it and also drink 1 glass low fat butter milk with it this meal is of approx 150 calories With this diet plan you will get 1000 – 1100 calories in a day which is which is ideal for weight loss and which include required protein, vit, minerals etc

and thats why its a healthy diet plan too So, friends start following this diet plan & add atleast 30 mins workout session in your daily routine for customized diet plan you can this video

British English Holidays – Father's Day

hi everyone I'm Gina unlike Mothering Sunday Father's Day in the UK follows a similar conventions to Father's Day in the rest of the world it's a day to celebrate and honor our fathers in this lesson you're going to learn about Father's Day in the UK when did Father's Day reach prominence in the UK we'll show you the answer at the end of this video Father's Day is a regular event and is always held on the third Sunday in June it isn't a public holiday but is a special day for the family nonetheless the day originated in the US and 1910 as a complement to the American take on Mother's Day for Father's Day children give gifts to their fathers schools especially primary schools may give their pupils time to make a card or small present during class time other popular gifts are traditionally masculine items such as neckties or gadgets and boys toys British retailers stock Father's Day cards and gifts in anticipation of the day as well as gifts children might treat their fathers to a day out or event many places have Father's Day specials so he can be treated to a meal at the stadium of his favorite football club taken to lunch on a steam train or given a more practical gift such as flying lessons or a spin around a racetrack in a racing car Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June but a major UK retailer listed it as a fourth Sunday in their 2014 calendars in error all defective calendars were recalled and replaced at great expense to the retailer and now I'll give you the answer to the earlier quiz when did Father's Day reach prominence in the UK Father's Day is a relatively new event as it only came across the pond in the very late 60s and only really took hold in the 70s heavy promotion made it soar during the 90s how is this lesson as you learn something interesting do you celebrate Father's Day in your country if so is it also on the third Sunday in June leave us a comment at English class 101 calm and we'll see you in the next lesson you

Ali Siddiq – Father's Day – The Half Hour

I've been thinking about this, too Father's Day is the worst holiday in the world

I've done the research I already know Let me tell you something Mother's Day is the second-most celebrated holiday in the world Christmas is first

So, it's That means it's Jesus, then your mama You know where Father's Day fall at? Number 20

I can't think of 18 other holidays (laughter) Do you realize Halloween is number six? So, that means ghosts and goblins go before fathers? Arbor Day is number 13 I don't even know what that is I just know it come before me That's crazy

Columbus Day is number 16 Celebrating Columbus Day is like celebrating somebody finding money in your house Where you get that $50 from? I discovered it in your kitchen Ridiculous! Father's and I and it's mothers' fault, it's mothers' fault, 'cause see, when Mother's Day come around, fathers go in their pocket deep

Go in their pocket deep Hey, I want to get my mama something, you cash that money out

You know what mothers do? "Hey, I want to get Daddy something "Well, go in that car, there's some change in my little cup holder in there" Don't nobody even have a sale for Father's Day– who has a Father's Day sale? Mother's Day sale, it's like 30 of them Everybody have Mother's Day sale Don't nobody have no Father's Day sale

Who has M– Father's Day sale? The Dollar Store That's how you get water hose and jumper cables for Father's– And the store's notice, 'cause now, the store got a little trick for fathers They make little packages, where they, it's a little box It give you suspenders, socks, and a shirt One box

And you know what kids do? They give you that stuff throughout the year They give that shirt for Father's Day, them socks for your birthday, and then they just randomly give you something else as, you know, they think about it It's crazy Father's Day sucks And I'm a father

I did all this work to be a father,