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How To Fish – Rigging Your Rod

MUSIC Ashley Edwards: Hi, I’m Ashely Edwards with the Missouri Department of Conservation Have you ever heard the term, rigging your rod? That just means attaching your hook, bobber, and sinker to your fishing line And that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do today First, we’re going …

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How to Sew Placemats – Learn to Sew Series

Hey guys, it's Melanie from MelanieKHamcom welcome back to my channel Today learn to sew video three we're gonna get into our first tutorial we are gonna be making placemats, reversible placemats to be exact So I've got pink on one side an adorable like linen dot on the other …

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How to get Bigger Arms Workout – Scott Burnhard

All right, Scott Burnhard Talk to the people, man Let 'em know what's getting ready to go down – What's good, it's your boy Scott Burnhard, back with another video And today's video is going to be very, very, very special, all right? I'm here with my man Thats Good …

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Ruby Teaches Jack How to Play 'The Game' – black-ish

I'm sorry things didn't work out with your boyfriend How about we talk about it over froyo tonight? See you then Great news, Grandma I played the game and I won Oh, yeah? I went out with Savannah's best friend, Jessie You're so funny And then my mom — she …

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IOWA GOLD – How to highbank a frozen river

gold diggers !!! good morning beefy prepper here me and Dustin decided to come out here to the creek and the freezing cold weather at the butt crack of dawn and we're gonna find some gold I'm gonna try to show you guys a little bit about the proper way …

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