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It is not uncommon that everybody use navigation technology to succeed in to their designated destination It’s solid for somebody to travel all over the world without using a map Everyone has accessed to navigation application nowadays, but is it really protected and accessible for them? Have you ever ever …

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Water : The Cure for Blackface

Are you bored with being in brownface? Do you utilize makeup to disrespect a race? Possibly you do a North Eastern confront? Fear not, let me put you in your home! Spare me your racist spew, I’ve the product for you! Now presenting : Water With a splash of water …

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SME Lending & Insignificant Business Financing : Bitbond

Hi and welcome everyone I'm Radko Albrecht I'm the founder and CEO of Bitbond so what is Bitbond? Bitbond is the first-ever global SME lending platform as you all may know being a part of this conference SMEs have a very firm time to get the funding they should grow …

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Franklin Barbecue : First in Line | Our Step-by-Step Guide ( Austin, Texas)

Hey there world travelers So we've been in Austin for a way lengthy? About six months now About six months now and we're continually hearing about Franklin Barbecue After all, who doesn't? Yeah precisely Do you hear about Franklin barbecue? Probably And whether you haven't heard about it, now you …

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