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How to Prepare for a Pandemic, What Should You Buy

You’ve just had one of those crazy weekends, bouncing around town, partying from night until morning Oh man, did you sleep after that You get up not knowing what day it is, and turn on the television On the news what you see before you are segments of people packed …

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How to Set Up a Fundraiser | YouTube Giving

Hey, my name is Sherine In this video, I'm going to show you how to set up a fundraising campaign through YouTube Give I will share a few best practices YouTube Give allows you to use your voice to support issues that matter to you Whether you collect money through …

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How to Create a Mobile YouTube Livestream

You can livestream from the YouTube app on your mobile device Before you livestream from your mobile device your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers and your account must be verified You can verify your account by going to youtubecom/verify To be clear, this verification is different from …

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How to Plant a Tree

Ever wondered how to plant a tree? First, source some seeds from a mature tree of a species native to your planting site Secondly, plough a patch of healthy soil by hand and sprinkle the seeds in a straight line Next, cover the seeds with straw to keep them safe …

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