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Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software 2: more dog digitizing ideas(PART 2)

whoo-hoo this is part 2 of digitizing this cute little doggie guy and in this video we're gonna come up with more ways to digitize them so he looks good but first my intro now we are gonna work with this and it's similar to the auto digitizing but not …

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How to draw a dog. (Tutorial)

oh boi here we go i like circles so, how has your day been? oh, this is my favourite part s m o o t h my new pencils! #thankyouamazon *fails at holding a pencil* some crusty-looking dog but ok nice colouring technique oh oH HERE WE GO the one …

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Sketching a PUG!

hi everyone i'm back with another sketching video and for today's video I have sketched a very cute pug as you can see here look at this beautiful cute face for this a for this drawing i have used a variety of different materials and of course my go-to was …

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DOGS 🐶 | Draw My Life

After our video on cute kitties… its now turn for dog stuff! Dogs are the most loyal am noble pets we can have Fun, happy and friendly, the are the most loved pets in the world! Big or small, FURRY or without hair… I love dogs! Lets get to know …

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